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Thursday Night Football Fan Duel Picks: NFL DFS Lineup Tips for Week 2 Giants-Washington Single Game Tournaments

The action of Week 2 of the NFL DFS begins with a Thursday night football clash of two enemies from the NFC East. The Washington Football Team host the New York Giants as both teams try to bounce back from the opening losses of the season. This may not be anyone’s idea of ​​a must-see sporting event, but given the stakes, it’s pretty big in real life, which is why we’re bringing that same intensity to our FanDuel single-game lineup picks. .

It’s no secret that this game is projected to be a low-scoring affair. Las Vegas sportsbooks opened this matchup with totals as low as 41 with Washington favored by up to four points. We don’t mind calling in some WFT skill players, but we will avoid trying to identify which Giant could have a great night.

A quick overview of the rules for single-game FanDuel contests: Total points for “MVP” are multiplied by 1.5, but you have no additional money as “Captain” in DraftKings Showdown contests. The default FanDuel score is Semi point PPR and Four-point pass TD, and here they are no bonuses for 100/300 yard games like in DraftKings.

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FanDuel Single Game DFS Picks: Giants vs. Washington Soccer Team

$ 60,000 budget, needs at least one player from each team

MVP (1.5x points): RB Antonio Gibson, Washington ($ 12,500)

Gibson is locked into our Most Valuable Player spot simply because he’s better placed to lead the points list. If last week’s usage (20 carries, 5 targets) continues, and there’s little to no reason why it shouldn’t, Gibson will be busy and productive.

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FLEX: QB Daniel Jones, Giants ($ 15,000)

The Giants have a lot of weapons on paper, but this offense just hasn’t performed with any degree of consistency. Saquon Barkley ($ 14,000) doesn’t seem ready to reprise his role as a ringer, so there will be more responsibility on Jones’s hands and legs. We’ll bet he’ll make up a good chunk of the Giants’ offense.

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FLEX: QB Taylor Heinicke, Washington ($ 14,500)

We certainly like the individual ability position players on the soccer team more than the Giants, but we also like the idea of ​​covering our bases with both quarterbacks. Like his counterpart, Heinicke can run quite a bit and will be supported by a solid collection of weapons. Since scoring is expected to be low, we want to connect with those who will have the best chance of accumulating Fantasy Points.

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FLEX: WR Terry McLaurin, Washington ($ 12,000)

McLaurin received just four targets last week, but the soccer team attempted just 21 passes. We’re not going to see WFT adopt the Air Raid, but McLaurin totaled 14 receptions, 189 yards and a TD on 20 goals in two games against the Giants in 2020. He’s always a threat to get 10+ looks and deliver a great performance from fantasy.

FLEX: WR Dyami Brown, Washington ($ 5,500)

Brown’s debut stat line is pretty forgettable (one catch, two negative yards), but he operated as the clear No. 2 behind McLaurin. Brown played 93 percent of the plays and tied his teammate with four targets. We are not confident in a brilliant performance, but if he can take more of his opportunity, we could be in the green.

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