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Thus, 68,000 professionals from inactive sectors were mobilized to others with more demand during the health crisis

During the toughest times of the pandemic, Adecco used the extensive knowledge of the labor market, and of the situation in which some of the sectors of activity were, to provide solutions that help revitalize the economy and improve employability of those whose employment situation had been directly affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

In two months the number of unemployed increased by about a million people. Those affected by Records of Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) and that, therefore, they could not carry out their job in a normalized way they amounted to 3 and a half million; and about a million and a half autonomous they requested the pay for cessation of activity. A crisis that hit small and medium-sized companies and key sectors of the economic activity of our country especially hard.

As a result of this situation arose #MobilizationForEmployment, a program whose objective is to help those people affected by the effects of COVID-19 at work to find employment and to continue training in order to improve their employability once the situation we were experiencing ended. Within this program, adhesion and support agreements have been signed for associations from both the industrial sector and the services and agriculture sectors with organizations such as CEOE, CEOE Tenerife, ASAJA, FEIQUE, FIAB, FED, UNO, CEIM, AEDHE, AICA, CECALE, CECAM, CEG and The Club of Excellence in Sustainability.

From the beginning of the pandemic through this program and until December 31, 2020, managed to mobilize 68,603 jobs towards essential sectors, that is to say, more than 68,000 people were hired in a different sector to which they were previously, with the collaboration of employers and public administrations.

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Employment for all

The Adecco Group, a world leader in human resource management, is playing a key role in support for employability and employment how it is collected in your Sustainability Report 2020. Through the closings of 2020 and through 2021, Adecco has continued to operate as a provider of essential services, helping to ease the transition of the workforce for individuals and businesses affected by COVID-19, offering counseling, training and employment opportunities. .

In the DNA of the company is the generation of opportunities by energizing the labor market and tackling unemployment, social exclusion or inequality. In this way, based on the data collected in the Adecco Group’s 2020 Sustainability Report, last year 105,990 people were helped to find employment, of which 29,380 were under 25 years of age. In addition, more than 557,000 contracts in 2020.

Adecco also bets on the training of all workers since it considers that it is an essential factor for the development of people and to achieve a better performance in a job. For this reason, in 2020 the Adecco Group invested more than 5 million euros in training to improve the employability of people.

As a global organization, through Adecco Foundation, the Group also strives to have a positive impact on society that is reflected through the numerous collaborations with different non-profit organizations. Through said Foundation, the social and labor inclusion of the most vulnerable is supported of our society and is committed to the employability of people at risk of social exclusion. In fact, during 2020, and despite post-pandemic labor market conditions, 5,502 jobs were created for people at risk of social exclusion and a job orientation was provided to more than 24,000 people in the same situation with a social investment of 14.1 million euros through the Foundation.

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As a company whose reason for being is the success of people, the Adecco Group is committed to improving and retraining millions of people to advance the Agenda 2030 with a clear and solid purpose: creating the future of employment for everyone.

To meet these goals, efforts are focused on unlocking human potential to achieve equal access to decent work for all and work hand in hand with companies around the world to provide personalized workforce solutions, betting on a benchmark model in talent management, creating a respectful, inclusive and healthy environment.

In the words of Iker Barricat, CEO of Adecco Spain:At Adecco we think that the difference is always made by people. Being leaders in the Human Resources sector means working every day to build a company with the best professionals, the best talent, and in which that talent truly wants to be with us. Leadership can only be achieved through people ”.

The purpose of making the future of employment is for all people is to promote the employability in a sustainable and lasting way, and at the same time help companies strengthen the potential of their workforce.

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