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Tigres: Mexican soccer is entrusted to French Florian Thauvin

Florian Thauvin celebrates one of his goals with Olympique de Marseille, on February 3.
Florian Thauvin celebrates one of his goals with Olympique de Marseille, on February 3.Michel Spingler / AP

The United States has displaced Mexico as a favorite destination for footballers heading into retirement. The quality of life, high salaries and a comfortable schedule have seduced the great players towards MLS. However, due to the quality of the game and the rhythm, Mexican soccer still remains in the lead. That incentive has led Frenchman Florian Thauvin (Orleans, 28 years old) to decide to sign with the Tigers, the runners-up in the last Club World Cup, and extend a career hit by injuries.

Thauvin was dubbed by the French press as the new Mozart for being seen as the great prodigy. It was formed in Grenoble, in the French Second Division. He moved to Lille, but his conditions did not allow him to debut, so he signed with Bastia. 2012 was his outbreak when he was considered the best young footballer in the French League. The reason? The left-handed man with which he opened the game. A guy with more self-confidence than physical wear. One of the greats of his country, Olympique de Marseille, decided to hire him for 15 million dollars. There he coincided with Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa, one of the greatest teachers in football. “He is a player full of conditions that over time could become one of the best in the world,” said the Rosario about Thauvin. His vision, however, did not end up being consolidated over the years.

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Newcastle, who were looking to restructure, saw their hope in Florian Thauvin. He paid $ 17 million for it. The bet, however, was unsuccessful. He could not adapt. Despite that, he returned to Marseille with his backpack loaded with experience. His ability to destabilize his rivals and his fine passing earned him to lead Olympique to play the final of the Europa League in 2018, but they failed to win it.

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Florian Thauvin belongs to one of the best generations in France. With the U-20 team, they were world champions in 2013. In that squad, Paul Pogba, Geoffrey Konkogbia and Alphonse Arreola stood out. Five years later, Thauvin was called up to the national team to play and win the 2018 World Cup in Russia, although he could not play any games.

Injuries have hampered Thauvin’s performance throughout his career. He has had a dozen injuries, the last in 2020 with an injured ankle that frustrated him all season. A risk that Olympique did not want to risk despite the fact that his coach, Argentine Jorge Sampaoli, asked to keep him on the squad.

The Tigres, Mexico’s most valuable squad, have become accustomed to investing in valuable foreign footballers. His biggest contract has been that of another Frenchman, André-Pierre Gignac in 2015. By signing Gignac, the club rose to prominence by winning four Leagues, becoming their best striker and leading the club to the Club World Cup. Bayern Munich crushed the aspirations of the feline club. With Thauvin, the Tigers want to return to local prominence. The media hit has been great for a Mexican League that has lost weight due to the lack of great footballers. Thauvin wants them to see Mexico again.

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