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TikTok: Charli d’Amelio, the most famous ‘tiktoker’ in the world, wants to take a break | People

Nobody does it like her. The 17-year-old American Charli d’Amelio has an inordinate number of followers on social media. With almost 124 million on TikTok he has achieved everything a influence I want to have. From appearing as a guest on the Jimmy Fallon program to collaborating with brands such as Hollister or Procter & Gamble, to being able to dance with his idol, Jennifer Lopez, and being invited to the gala of the Metropolitan Museum of New York (known as Met) of the next September 13. Fame came to her suddenly, but with a price to pay: the constant criticism that she and the other members of her family receive.


In the last episode of the podcast that he records with his 20-year-old sister, Dixie d’Amelio (Charli and Dixie: 2 Chix), the tiktoker He has confessed that it is very difficult for him to continue publishing on a platform where many of the comments he receives are negative. “I have lost the passion for what I do, and it was something that I used to have a lot of fun with,” he said. “I am the one who has chosen to publish my day to day, but receiving these messages hurts me. It makes me stop wanting to teach you more things, guys ”, he confessed to his followers. “Sometimes I am scared to show things that I enjoy. I get it, life is unfair but [los comentarios] They are a bit extreme, don’t you think? ”he asked his sister Dixie during the broadcast.

D’Amelio no longer posts videos every day. However, he has embarked on a new project in which his entire family has participated (whose joint Instagram account exceeds 15 million followers). The d’Amelio Show It premiered on September 3 in the United States and will arrive in Spain on October 16 through Disney +. The program tells the daily life of Charli, Dixie and their parents, Mark and Heidi, and focuses on the effect that social networks have had on the mental health of both adolescents.

The d'Amelio family during a visit to the Empire State of New York in August 2021.
The d’Amelio family during a visit to the Empire State of New York in August 2021.Peter Parker / / GTRES

In the trailer, the young woman’s father confesses that he is concerned that the networks “destroy the life” of his daughters, while her mother asserts that “they are normal girls who have not changed because they have more followers.” Charli d’Amelio, for her part, emphasizes the importance of the support she receives from her family and friends. “Millions of people watching your every move? It is a constant terror, “he confesses, marking the beginning of an eight-part series in which the words” anxiety “and” depression “appear several times, and which reflects the hidden face of his idyllic life as influence of success.

The teenager has also received criticism for her invitation to the imminent Met gala. “They have thrown me a lot of hatred for this issue, but I thought: people, I can not go, I have no age,” he said in a recent interview on the US radio station Sirius XM. “They would not let me pass directly because I am 17 years old,” he commented with laughter.

D’Amelio, who grew up in the networks thanks to her passion for dance, has established herself as one of the tiktokers most influential on the planet. Magazine Forbes considers her one of the luckiest teenage girls of her generation by having revenues that already exceeded four million dollars (3.37 million euros) in 2020. In addition, each of the short videos published on the Chinese platform usually exceeds 20 million views and reaches two million from I like it.

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