Monday, June 5

TikTok viral FlyLady cleaning method, explained

  • Looking for a new way to approach spring cleaning? The FlyLady cleaning method has gone viral on TikTok.
  • The FlyLady method was created years ago but has gained recent attention on the video-sharing app for its systematic “zone” divisions and time limits.
  • Continue reading to learn how to incorporate FlyLady cleaning tips into your routine.

TikTok is embracing a new way to tidy our homes, just in time for spring cleaning: The FlyLady cleaning method.

Though the method was created by Marla Cilley in the 1990s, according to the FlyLady website, it has reached new audiences on the video-sharing app, with the hashtag #flyladymethod amassing more than 64 million views.

Rosa Picosa (@rosapicosa) is one of the users who has helped spring the FlyLady method into the 21st century with her cleaning TikToks.

in one of her videosthe mother of two describes the method as “pure magic.”

Picosa is not alone in giving the method a try.

In a video that’s gained more than 32,000 likes, user @bridgettehartt says the method has given her “so much hope to not be overwhelmed with cleaning my home.”

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