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Timber: “Someday there will be my works in a museum, but I’m not obsessed with it”


Timber, next to the mural he has created in Seville.
Timber, next to the mural he has created in Seville.GOGO LOBATO
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Chad Eaton ‘Timber’. Los Angeles, 1982. This illustrator, admired around the world for his personal universe full of mythology and landscapes, lands in Spain the VIII Moments Festival, an independent art meeting.

Is yours art?
I guess so, but I don’t think about it much. As my work is closely connected with the design of the brands of skate and the tables, it is related to something more commercial, but when I do a mural or an exhibition, people do consider it art.
What is it inspired by?
My travels around the world. Therefore, with the Covid, I did not have so many ideas because I could not travel. Now that it is possible, I notice that the inspiration returns. Of the twelve months of the year, eight I am traveling. I am influenced by the different cultures of each country and then I take them to my world.
In your illustrations, you have created a very personal and recognizable universe, would you like to make a movie with it?
It is a dream, but it is very difficult. Maybe one day with some collaboration.
How did you start in the world of illustration?
Accidentally. A friend asked me if he knew of someone who would make three t-shirt designs for him. I did it myself and he liked it. Instead of paying me with money, he did it with three screen printing machines. That’s where I started. And people liked what he did. It was in 2005.
In Seville he has just painted a mural.
Yes, with it I want to inspire young people so that all the creativity and ideas they carry within come out of them.
Are there many works of yours scattered around the world?
Well, in Malaga there are four murals. There are also works of mine in Japan, France, the United States, Italy, Russia, Brazil …
The illustration has gone from the most marginal environments and underground to be in art galleries.
It is wonderful that new currents enter museums and galleries. Love it.
Do you see his works in a museum?
Someday there will be works of mine in a museum, but I am not obsessed with it and it is not a priority for me.
For an illustrator like you, what is working with a brand like?
At first, since they don’t know how sales are going to go, the brand tries to control more, but when the years go by and they see that what sells the most of the brand [Element] is your thing, they start to trust you and you have more freedom.
Is there a censored subject in your art? Something you would never draw?
More than things that are forbidden or censored, it can happen that, sometimes, you have an idea, but you know that it is not very popular and you choose to do something that people like and also me, of course. Sometimes I would like to experiment more, but it’s my job. It is like a rock singer, that people identify with that music, the next day he will not sing rap. If I paint abstract tomorrow, people will say ‘but what is this?’ I have a very defined style that everyone knows, and I like it.
Those loggers with long beards that you draw, what do they tell us?
It is my fantasy because I live on the beach, in Los Angeles, and it is the opposite of my day to day. People think I live in the forest and I don’t. It is the world that I have created. It connects with rural North America and the tradition of lumberjacks, vast forests, the Bigfoot
If you don’t draw, what do you do?
My hobby is decoration and interior design. I like to decorate a house or a room and build a table and chairs myself and do every detail, even the blankets. I do it for himself, I don’t want it to be a job.
What was it like at school?
Bad. I didn’t like school; it was not for me. I’m autodidactic. I am better at learning on my own.
What advice do you give new kids?
That they are passionate. When people see what I do, they tell me they want to do it too. They get excited, they try a week and they get tired. Illustrators are not made in a week; you have to dedicate a lifetime. To be an illustrator you have to work very hard.

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