Saturday, December 5

Time for criticism and praise

The government team wants the lighting in the new Plaça de Baix to be enhanced. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

“They could have already put the shield of the city in the center or some reference to the Mystery and the Palm Grove.” “It looks like a bullring.” “It has been beautiful.” «I like to see the whole personalized center, that people walk around and can go shopping freely, without traffic». These comments and many more can be heard on the street or read on social networks these days about the Unofficial “premiere” of the Plaça de Baix Y your connection to the Broker, the latter provisionally open to pedestrians in early October.

The fact is that there are reviews for all tastes in these first days of discovery. Those who are delighted, and those who are not so much for related issues: the lack of parking lots, closed shops, number and location of benches to sit on, the lack of more trees, thinking in the face of the intense summer sun …

However, most of the residents approve, even give high marks, to the remodeling and pedestrianization of Plaça de Baix. It has been completely transformed and these days you see many people walking both through the Corredora and through the new square, many called for the effect of seeing, releasing and commenting on what is new in Elche.

Small puddles remain dead-end in the semi-sunken channel along the Corridor. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

However, the government team remembers that the work is not finished, has not been delivered and that it is in a phase of improvement of details and arrangements. Thus, for example, the new Plaça de Baix de Elche will see its lighting reinforced. The government team and the technicians consider that the luminaires do not shine enough. Or at least that the lighting can be improved. In this sense, solutions will be sought. Maybe increase the power or place more lights when it comes to aerial luminaires.

This is, on the other hand, one of the first self-criticisms that the City Council of Elche has made immediately, a few days after opening this space to pedestrians. The Councilor for Urban Planning, Ana Arabid, considers the lighting to be somewhat weak, so it is planned to transfer this question to those responsible for the work, which, although apparently it seems finished, in reality should be fully concluded as the last day on 29 of November.

That is why both spaces are these days in that period of reviewing fringes, finishing off details and completing some small pending elements. For example, this past Tuesday it was easy to see how some improvements were being made to the scuppers, at the intersection with Obispo Tormo Street. In addition, different puddles are generated in the small sunken channel along the street that do not drain.

On the other hand, they remember from the government team that many have already visited Plaça de Baix before seeing it completed with benches and flowerpots.

For some, the dim or insufficient lighting in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento is apparently not the only weak point in terms of lighting. Some pedestrians point out that when looking directly at the lights emanating from the floor of the Corridor, their intensity bothers the eye. And even that some parts of these recessed strips have already been damaged, and that they have been receiving the footprints of citizens for a short time. All these issues will be taken into account and reviewed by those responsible for the work. «Results are being evaluated and options are being seen. You have to go polishing things as you go, “stresses the councilor for Urbanism.

Arrangement of scuppers and a drum placed to prevent the affected area from being stepped on. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

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