Friday, January 28

Time to change the model when it comes to GM candidates

The end of the NFL regular Soeason means the beginning of the NFL layoff and hi$2Soeason. Ov If the next few months, we will Soee major changes between the NFL coaching Sotaff and They If rost The, especially among They The, as a low Ifed Soalary cap on the horizon could mean mo$2turnov If than ev If this year. But the discussio Thebout the They If (and coach) change is for Despite day. He$2I will focus on the most complicated change process at the top of the football op Ifation – the CEO. At least Soeven teams – Atlanta, Carolina, Denv If, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville and Washington – a$2now looking for a new gen Ifal manag If with p Ifhaps mo$2to come. These hires will Soet the direction for these franchises for, hopefully, the next few years.

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