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Tips and guide to buy a portable voice recorder

Although it is true that these types of devices are widespread in certain professional sectors much more than in others, we cannot ignore the fact that more and more people are using them for other tasks.

Not only those who are dedicated to journalism can use these devices, but, to give you an example, many YouTubers use it for its sound quality, so that the videos are even better.

In any case, since it is not a very widespread type of product, it can generate doubts when buying it, since we may not know what we should look for to acquire the one we need.

Well, that doubt is something that we are going to try to solve in this article.

What is a portable voice recorder?

It is evident that we are dealing with devices capable of record the audio picked up by your microphones integrated and transform them into digital formats, such as MP3 or OGG.

Best of all is the ease of use, since, except having to put a microSD or SD cardand not on all models, all you have to do to make it record is press the REC button and you’re done.

But this first part, so easy, can host improvements in what will be the sound, since all of them will have the option to record at a higher quality, in addition to being able to incorporate an external microphone, connect via Bluetooth and some other things.

Advantages and disadvantages of a voice recorder

We have already mentioned some of the advantages that these recorders have and here it is logical that they appear again.

But there are some things that are not so good and that is why we identify them below.

Advantage drawbacks
They can have great sound quality The most professional ones are very expensive.
They have integrated microphones, in certain models, an external one can be placed Some come with AA batteries instead of batteries.
They are very easy to use The internal menus, in many cases, are confusing
Very comfortable and transportable anywhere
They may have enough additions
Many of them can be used as media player

Today’s mobiles can record audio, although without the quality that recorders provide. The same thing happens in photography, we know that smartphones stand out for their snapshots, but SLR cameras are still quite superior.

And although there are other devices that could get you out of trouble, when looking for quality you will always need a voice recorder.

types of recorders

The recorders could be divided into two types based on their size and shape, although the features that each of them can offer also come into play.

Within those transportable voice recorders we will basically find:

Guy Design Memory Screen Additional features recording formats
portable voice recorders They are portable in size, lightweight and perfect for recording in a variety of ways. 2 GB up to 64 GB or more, sometimes expandable by microSD They almost always have a screen and several buttons It can have external microphone input, headphone output, Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, etc. MP3 and WAV, although the most modern ones also do it in OGG, WMA and AAC.
mini voice recorders They are much smaller than the previous ones and can even imitate another device. from 2 GB to 8 GB, rarely expandable. Without screen and with one or two buttons at most Few extras can bring for its small size Normally MP3 and WAV.

What to look for when buying a voice recorder?

When we want to buy a voice recorder, we must look at several parameters thanks to which everything they offer will be clearer to us and, therefore, which of all of them is the one we should acquire.

The data that we must collect and thus be able to decide, are the following.


this is where command the taste of each more than any other type of parameter, since, if it is compact as a handheld recorder should be, the rest is already within the opinion of each person.

In the manufacture we must make sure that it is resistant, robust, that it can withstand falls and if it has a much better certification against water, although we are not talking about essential things.

recording quality

It may be the most important parameter, since it will allow us to know the real quality of what we record and the possibilities that we have in this sense.

Most current burners already handle files like MP3, WAV, MP3 or OGG. They are able to offer such a variety to choose the one we want before starting to record.

In addition to this, they will all provide different qualities. For example, they may reach 320kbps in MP3 formatwhich means that the recording will be top notch.

But there is still more, because the most efficient models already incorporate a noise cancellation system to give greater clarity to the engraving.


Undoubtedly, the recorder must have its microphones on the outside. One in some cases, two in others and even directional on certain occasions. Obviously, the better they are, the higher the price to pay.

If we need it, we can have a recorder that is capable of having buttons that allow us not only to record, pause or stop the recording, but also to control other interesting parameters. Marks could be established in the recording to be able to quickly reach them later, manage silences or achieve all kinds of management with the recorded file.

But inside the controls you can’t imagine a recorder today without a screen, mainly LCDwhere we have the control and the necessary data to know what we should do at all times.

memory capacity

This is a part in which we must be aware of why we want the recorder, now and in the future. That is, one that has a memory of 4 GB at this time may be worth us, but in the future it may be fair.

That is why we must choose well, since, unless we decide to get hold of a model with the possibility of incorporating a expansion via microSDthere will be no way to modify the GB that we have.

For reference, with a tape recorder 8 GB you can have recordings of about 150 minutes long.


This is another fundamental part, since the time that we can use it in our work or for fun in places where we will not be able to load it will depend on it.

The normal thing in an average team is that the battery last 10 to 15 hoursso, starting from there, we can make our calculations of whether it is enough or we have to look for more.

There are still models with AA batteries, although today they tend to disappear and we, as usual, do not recommend them.

Extras you can bring

The more you raise the quality of the recorder, the more extras may be incorporated and, therefore, the more its price will go up.

We can find some Bluetoothwith USB Type-C to load with WiFi connectionwith voice activation or timer recording, among other advances.


This is not really a parameter within what a recorder offers us, but it is something that we must take into account when buying any type of device, not just the one that concerns us today.

We have a budget, being able to find the best for us, but respecting the price we want to pay. This does not imply that we do not look for the best, but it does imply that we give more importance to certain options over others, until we complete the perfect set.

It is not good to vary our budget, not because nothing happens for once, but because in future purchases we are going to want to do the same and in the end we can get a scare in our bank account.

We hope that everything we have told you has helped you to have the whole world of voice recorders much clearer and that you can choose the best one.

Tell us which one you have decided on and why on our social networks, to know your opinion about it.

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