Friday, March 1

Tips and safety recommendations for driving in the heat

The haze has reached the peninsula and with it also all the dangers it poses when driving, this means that certain recommendations and advice must be followed to avoid accidents.

Much of the peninsula has been immersed in a light straight out of a science fiction movie, more specifically Blade Runner 2049. The effect is due to the cloud of Saharan dust that has arrived due to the Celia storm. And, it is that, the haze can be visually spectacular, but you have to take precautions when driving.

The fact that this cloud of dust is present in cities and has dyed the sky orange makes driving even more dangerous than normal. It is an abnormal weather situation and therefore it is best to take a series of safety tips and recommendations before and while driving.

The first and the most obvious, if the weather situation is adverse or unusual, the thing to do is always reduce speed. In the case of haze it is quite obvious, and in many cities this Saharan dust has precipitated thanks to the rain and has formed mud that is dangerous on the roads.

Being a situation in which the lighting has changed, the truth is that haze must be treated as if it were a low-light situation. That is why extreme precautions must be taken to avoid any type of problem on the road, and the important thing is to try to make the position of the vehicle clear with the necessary lights.

This suspended dust can cause problems for people inside the vehicle, therefore, The most advisable thing to do when traveling is to do it with the windows closed in order to avoid any type of inconvenience that may arise due to this dust in suspension.. In addition, it is necessary to use the air conditioning systems of the vehicles.

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The haze is not the only problem that the stormy Celia brings and, is that, thunderstorms may occur due to this weather situation. What you have to do in these cases is to stay inside the vehicle, because cars are built to be Faraday cages and, therefore, prevent electricity from passing inside.

As for the tires and due to the storm, we must take into account that it is quite likely that storms with high rainfall will appear. That is why it is advisable to have the tires with the greatest grip, in addition to being in good condition and, above all, having the correct pressure.

The best and, whenever possible, If the rains appear out of nowhere, it is better to find a place to park the car in order to avoid possible aquaplaning situations. that can put the vehicle and its occupants at risk. Of course, in the case of being part of this situation, it is advisable to keep the steering wheel straight, lift your foot off the accelerator and not brake.

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