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Tips for returning to the gym after the summer

Choosing the sport that best suits us is essential.

Choosing the sport that best suits us is essential.

Acknowledge it. You’ve tried more than once, but making sport part of your life is not an easy task. Lockdowns, telecommuting and vacations do not seem to have been the best scenarios to maintain consistency either.

If with the arrival of the new course you intend to start with new sports routines to improve your appearance or physical condition, and achieve your purpose of being constant when playing sports, what you have to bear in mind is that you have to do it little by little.

Adapting to the habit of training is not an easy thing, it takes willpower, energy and time. To the popular question “How many days a week should I train?”, Miguel Piqueras, from the WWD Concept center, answers: “To notice results a little earlier, the ideal would be to start with two days a week“What it is about is to be regular in our way of exercising, according to the expert.

Finding the sport that best suits you or looking for short-term motivations are some of the tips that according to these professionals can help you overcome your limits and maintain the training routine.

Recommendations to be constant in your sports practice

Choose the sport that best suits you: As fashionable as running may be, it may not be your thing. Do not get carried away by trends. Everything will depend on your experience with physical exercise to date.

Miguel Piqueras advises starting with an “assessment of physical condition, that is, a set of tests used to measure physical performance”, which, according to him, should preferably be assessed by a professional. In addition, knowing to what extent your body is prepared for the activity you plan to carry out will allow you to set realistic goals.

Dose yourself and don’t overexpose: Don’t give it all up at first or you’ll be left with nothing. Start small and give your mind-body time to get used to the new routine. Overexertion can backfire and kill your purpose.

“As for the training days, the ideal according to the WHO is 3 to 5 days, with a medium intensity activity (sessions of around 45 minutes). If your lifestyle is sedentary you should start with 2 or 3, and go up “, says Gadea.

Don’t start doing cardio: It begins with the bodybuilding and not with the cardio, it is another fundamental fact that few people know. “Bodybuilding must be done first and then cardio. Cardio consumes muscle glycogen, so it should always be done after weights. If we do it the other way around, our body will have much less strength and the numbers we get will be worse.” acknowledges the expert.

Take care of your fuel: Or what is the same, eat well. Your body will need a balanced diet that provides you with enough energy to perform the routine.

Prepare the team and get motivated with it: Appropriate footwear and comfortable and breathable clothing. More and more options are being offered to us by brands, aware of the benefits of continued sports practice. Ideally, wear clothes that fit your body and are breathable or, even better, that repel sweat and dry quickly.

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