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Tips for saving energy at home

Every March 5 the Energy Efficiency Day, a day that tries to raise awareness about the importance of use energy efficiently to stop climate change. The HIM-HER-IT marks energy efficiency as one of the fundamental strategies for achieving 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, since it is essential to move towards a clean and sustainable energy system.

With the commemoration of this day the focus is placed on the importance of rational usage of energy for the good of the people, since, to continue their waste, the entire planet would be faced with irreparable consequences.

But what can each citizen do to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment? The small everyday gestures can make big changes.

– Turn off all the lights that we do not need, take advantage of sunlight in the office, university or at home as much as possible. 15% of energy consumption worldwide is consumed in lighting.

Unplug all devices that are not in use, such as household appliances, television, computers, chargers, etc. These devices consume little energy in sleep mode, but multiplied by the number of hours spent in this mode, they represent significant amounts of energy consumption on your bill and on the planet’s.

– The use of LED bulbs, which are much cheaper and have greater durability. They use a 25% less energy than fluorescent lighting and 80% less than incandescent lighting, producing the same amount of light.

– When using the air conditioning or heating are on, make sure that the windows and doors are properly closed. If there are spaces where air escapes, cover the openings to seal the leaks. One option is to install a programmable thermostat to reduce energy consumption during the day, when no one is home.

SEYP Ingeniería is committed to making energy available to everyone in an efficient way

SEYP Ingeniería SL, located in Alicante and directed by Francisco J. Sanz Esplá, is dedicated to carrying out projects and technical procedures, the main specialty being electrical infrastructure projects, high and low voltage installations, distribution, cartographic works and file management. Likewise, since almost its inception, in 1982, it has been collaborating with the I-DE Redes Eléctricas Inteligentes SAU group (Iberdrola Group), being for more than 13 years an engineering contractor of the Iberdrola Group.

Throughout its trajectory, SEYP Ingeniería has made different types of projects to improve and enable electrical distributionHowever, its manager has always been clear about the main objective of the company, which is governed by offer a quality service adapted to the circumstances.

Energy has become the engine of our day to day, but it is not only about supplying and enabling society to be connected, it is about offering sustainable quality. Today, a company is not viable if it does not adapt to the circumstances and this fact affects all sectors. Therefore, part of SEYP strategic plan consists of the elaboration of a preventive method that covers all the concepts of the company, including production.

The company’s philosophy is based on value-added consumption.

Part of the goal of this method is to know the need of society, your values, concerns and priorities. Since energy is a necessity, we must study and reflect on how to distribute it, because today we are not talking about consumption without more, we are talking about a consumption with added value. In this way, the company is committed to projects that reflect these values and, therefore, each project begins with a previous study of environmental impact and sustainability.

SEYP Engineering, during its 39 years in business, has opted for Projects that respond to the commented premises. Among them, the projects of elimination of overhead lines with underground passage, reducing the environmental impact; improvement, adaptation and distribution of existing supports; network improvement, improvement in LV installations of buildings, industries, etc. to reduce consumption; energy efficiency improvements such as compensations for reactive consumption, lighting adaptations, etc.

If all the companies in the sector bet on this methodology, the energy will be al reach everyone in an efficient wayWell, we must not forget that it is a social need. For this reason, «the engineering firms and companies in the sector have the responsibility of work to get it», They affirm from SEYP Engineering.


C / San Carlos 98 (Local), 03013 Alicante

Tel. 965 92 15 87

Sue Consulting: The technology that reduces energy costs

The company is recognized by authorities of the Spanish and German energy sector.

Energy efficiency is often thought of as simply saving on light consumption. Actually, it means implementing methods that allow you to obtain a best cost-benefit ratio for any type of organization. It refers to a strategy that includes the purchase of energy, the use of the energy resource, the possible self-sufficiency, the storage and of course the equipment performance and present facilities and their losses.

Every day we see how purchasing and self-sufficiency are influenced by the market and economic and political circumstances. Nevertheless, reducing losses through optimal use is more effective, since the organization can achieve greater efficiency directly and independently. This is where the engineering, mathematics, physics and data analysis to offer solutions that contribute to a decrease in energy costs, a rationalization of the energy resource, a process optimization and the protection of the environment.

Reducing losses through optimal use is more effective

In Sue Consulting son experts recognized by authorities of the Spanish and German energy sector that offer, in addition to science and technology, a highly personalized treatment where accompanying the client throughout the improvement process is the most important.


Calle Conde Coloma, 21, 03600 Elda, Alicante

Tel. 644 06 98 43

La Granadina, the first gas station in Glem

The Alicante company Glem, based in Villena, is committed to providing effective solutions to new energy and mobility challenges that our environment needs. Energy efficiency is a reality and the definitive step towards a more sustainable model.

The Glem Service Station network has 17 refueling points scattered throughout the province of Alicante, in which a revolution is taking place by expanding the fuel options available. Higher quality, better service and more sustainable products.

Repsol Autogas (LPG) supply point at the Riesma 2-A Service Station in Villena.

The Alternative fuels they represent the present and future of mobility. A few years ago, Glem pioneered the implementation of a supply point for LPG, Repsol Autogas, at the Riesma 2A service station in Villena. The firm’s involvement in improving energy efficiency is constant and thus, last November, in the La Granadina service area of San Isidro, it was inaugurated the first gas station of the group.

Natural gas for vehicles (NGV) is an alternative, ecological and economical fuel. A very suitable option for transportation, especially of goods, but also for light vehicles and some heavier ones like buses and delivery trucks. This NGV distribution center in La Granadina is a real alternative to traditional fuels.

Natural gas for vehicles (NGV) is an alternative, ecological and economical fuel

In addition, the commitment of the business group is extended to the business line Riesma Bio, the brand that sells ecological fuel and is in charge of the installation and commissioning of biomass. An interesting and ecological option to bring heat to homes and businesses.

Without a doubt, the challenge of being more efficient is everyone’s task and Grupo Glem will continue to move towards an energy and sustainable mobility.


Polígono Industrial El Rubial, calle 9, parcela 9, 03400 Villena (Alicante)

Tel. 965 34 60 60

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