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Tips from veteran air fryers for newcomers

Tips for using a hot air fryer correctly are multiplied on the internet and there are some that you should know yes or yes.

There are almost too many introductions, but in recent times we are getting to know air fryers thoroughly, or without oil, as you want to call them. There are more and more models of different sizes and brands, and users are getting the most out of them.

In principle, such a fryer should be very easy to use: just enter the food and indicate the temperature and time. Then you have to come back when you have finished preparing them, like a normal oven or deep fryer. But there are more details that are good to know.

We are going to share with you some tips that will come in handy and that we have learned after analyzing models such as the Xiaomi MI Smart Air Fryer.

One aspect that you must take into account and that stands out in T3: Smarter Living after trying different fryers is the watch out for the heat. As it lacks oil, sometimes the sensation to the eye is deceiving and the food is much hotter than it seems.

As for the recipes, it is possible prepare all kinds of food with oil-free fryers: meat, fish, biscuits… We already explained this at the time, but you also have to think that it is not as healthy as it seems.

Ideally, a diet is balanced and preparing all your food in this way can limit it considerably and cause you to repeat the same recipes too much. You may not realize it at first, but there’s a chance you’ll end up jaded.

oil free fryer

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It is also important to remember a key aspect in these times we live in: fryers they require their time to cookso you must organize yourself, but you have to take it into account now that the price of electricity is skyrocketing.

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The problem of space is noteworthy. Leaving aside exceptional cases like Lidl’s new air fryer with large capacity baskets to cook two foods at once, they are not small appliances and need their visible space. They are like a microwave in terms of what they come to occupy.

It is recommended that you think how much and how are you going to actually use it to choose the one that suits you best. Maybe it’s worth investing a little more than the cheapest ones cost, or not.

electric steamer

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Be wary of TikTok hacks, or at least do your research before trying them. In the past we have been able to see that many are useless, even if they are widespread, such as putting perforated paper in the bottom of the baskets.

Finally, a basic tip that you should follow is cleaning. it’s possible quick and easy cleaning of the air fryer to make it look like new. Previously we already taught you how to do it in an article. I’m sure you appreciate it.

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