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Tips, Hints, and Picks from the NFL Survivor’s Group, Week 1

Week 1 is here, and with it comes the sweat of your picks of NFL survivors, as you hope this is the year. The season begins Thursday with a game between Tampa Bay and Dallas that has relevance in the group of survivors. The week ends with two more games that will be of interest to surviving players as the Rams host the Bears on Sunday night and the Ravens travel to Las Vegas on Monday Night Football. In between, there are many other survivor choice possibilities, and we are here to provide you with expert advice to help you with your choice.

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NFL Week 1 Survivor Group Tip: Tips, Team Strategy

These are our thoughts on the five most popular survivor picks from Week 1, as you’re probably already considering at least one of these teams. You can check out more of our survivor group strategy tips on Sporting News if you want to dig a little deeper. For our selection advice for your specific group, see our Product NFL Survivor Picks.

(Note: The “Choose Popularity” numbers below refer to the estimated percentage of entries from the nationwide group of survivors who have already chosen the team in question. Those numbers, as well as the odds of a team winning, may change. throughout the week and affect a team’s attractiveness as a survivor chooses as a result. Be sure to check out our product for the latest data).

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San Francisco 49ers (at Detroit Lions)

Survivor Pick Popularity: 22% (most popular choice)

Point difference: -7.5

There are no big favorites in Week 1, and the 49ers are tied with the Rams and Buccaneers for the highest point margin early on. San Francisco will look to bounce back after an injury-filled 6-10 season in 2020. Detroit appears to be in rebuilding mode, hiring head coach Dan Campbell, trading QB Matthew Stafford and turning to new acquisition Jared Goff at quarterback. .

The 49ers have some future value, but it’s not as high as other options this week, like Tampa Bay and Kansas City. They’re also not an incredibly popular pick given this week’s alternatives (even though they are the most popular team). If these numbers hold up, San Francisco seems like a reasonable choice for many types of pools.

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Los Angeles Rams (vs. Chicago Bears)

Survivor Pick Popularity: twenty%

Point difference: -7.5

The Rams are turning to new quarterback Matthew Stafford in an effort to revitalize the offense after it slumped a bit last season (by head coach Sean McVay’s standards). The Los Angeles defense generated the most points in the NFL last year (more than two points per game on average), and it can open against a Chicago team that will have veteran Andy Dalton at quarterback ahead of the rookie. Justin Fields.

Much of what we said about the 49ers also applies to the Rams. They have some future value, but they aren’t too popular given the other options. Relatively speaking, they are among the safest picks for a week with no big favorites.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers (vs. Dallas Cowboys)

Survivor Pick Popularity: 12%

Point difference: -7.5

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The Bucs immediately provide an interesting strategic decision for the surviving NFL players in Week 1. They are right up there with San Francisco and Los Angeles as the week’s biggest favorites, but Tampa Bay is a less popular pick, making Bucs have a higher value. play if you only consider this week.

However, as a very good team to be expected, Tampa Bay should also have high value throughout the season whenever you choose to wear them. In smaller pools, it might still be worth using them early. In groups that have many entries or groups that have special rules like strikes and subsequent multiple-choice weeks, the Tampa Bay celebration may be more prudent.

You can see where we have the Bucs ranked in your specific group by taking advantage of our Week 1 Survivor Screening Free Trial.

Carolina Panthers (against the New York Jets)

Survivor Pick Popularity: 9%

Point difference: -5

The Panthers are the best option for participants looking to advance with a team that has little future value in survivor groups. While this week’s other popular picks should have several weeks to come where they will be valuable picks, the same is not so true for Carolina.

However, the Panthers have a little more risk, as they are starting the year with a new quarterback in Sam Darnold, who faces his old team. The Jets were one of the most popular teams to pick in 2020, but they have a new coach, a new quarterback, and more uncertainty about how good or bad they will be this year.

Still, if you’re in a group that has a buyback option only after Week 1 if you lose and you’re willing to exercise that option, taking a riskier team with a low future value in Week 1 is a calculated bet. worth considering.

Kansa City Chiefs (vs. Cleveland Browns)

Survivor Pick Popularity: 7%

Point difference: -6.5

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Finally, the Chiefs are the only other team to draw more than three percent of the crowd’s picks of survivors in Week 1.

We talked about Tampa Bay presenting an interesting dilemma as the highest value play this week, while also having high value going forward. Kansas City also has high future value, but the difference is that Kansas City is not as safe. In most group formats, it’s probably best to save the Chiefs for a better place down the road.

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