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Tips to eliminate fat according to your type of abdomen

The Localized fat in body areas such as the abdomen can be very difficult to remove. Many times it is believed that a simple diet is enough to eliminate all types of fat, but the one that stays in the gut area can be made to be desired even with a healthy diet. Thus, knowing what type of abdomen we have is essential to know what steps to take to end the extra kilos. Aim.

Stress abdomen

They are easily detectable since weight accumulates only in the diaphragm area and in the umbilical area.

It appears in people who are very perfectionists and highly responsible in their work, which causes them such stress and this type of abdomen. These people usually have associates insomnia problems and digestive problems such as irritable bowel or ulcers that are caused by the same cause, stress. This in addition It is usually linked to eating fast, opting for unhealthy foods and an abuse of stimulant drinks such as coffee or tea that not only do not help the problem but make it worse.

How to remove the abdomen by stress?

Since the main cause is stress, the ideal is try to combat it with relaxation techniques and, very importantly, with routine exercise (as far as possible avoid excessive cardiovascular exercise and lean towards Pilates, yoga)

As another cause is lack of sleep, you have to work to acquire some healthy sleep habits and getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

Having a good diet including foods rich in tryptophan that help us feel better and reduce stress: nuts such as almonds, fish (mainly blue), lean meats (chicken and turkey), eggs (mainly the yolk), fruits such as pineapple or vegetables such as artichoke or watercress.

Avoid excessive consumption of exciting drinks: coffee, tea, cola.

Tire abdomen

This type of abdomen suffers those people who sit for many hours and they practically do not exercise in addition to having a diet based mainly on carbohydrates.

How to remove it?

The first thing is to eat a healthy diet by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates and increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

Exercise. This type of abdomen It is also usually associated with a greater accumulation of fat in the legs and hips Therefore, the most recommended type of sport will be cardiovascular.

If there is an excessive consumption of alcohol it will have to be reduced notably to see results.

Lower abdomen

This type of abdomen is associated with highly qualified people with very demanding careers and positions, addicted to the gym and who have been on the same diet for a long time.

Generally, its origin lies in an excess of exercise for abs and ineffective gym hours.

How to remove it?

The first thing we must do is modify that diet that we have been doing for so long without results. We must introduce much more fiber, broad-leaf vegetables and reduce protein consumption, which in these cases is usually excessive.

Good hydration is essential. You should drink a minimum of 2-2.5 liters of water a day.

Leave the abdominal exercises as they are being done since they are not being effective.

Pregnant abdomen

This type of abdomen is usually common in mothers who have had a baby and they have little time left to take care of themselves without this meaning that they are not concerned about their physical appearance.

How to remove it?

The first thing to do is give the body time to adapt to its new situation, a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Exercising excessively and prematurely will not allow you to regain your figure sooner. Here they are very important exercises to work the pelvic floor.

Carry a good postpartum feeding where you should include foods such as oily fish (rich in omega 3 and 6 and avocado, which is shown to helps lose weight after childbirth due to its hormonal influence).

Distended abdomen

People with this type of abdomen wake up in the morning with a flat abdomen swelling throughout the afternoon. It affects both sexes and is not related to being overweight since it also appears in thin people.

The origin can be in several causes: stress, eating too quickly, or allergies or intolerances to certain foods.

How to remove it?

The first and most important thing is discard if there is some type of allergy or food intolerance to be able to exclude that food from the diet.

Have good eating habits that allow us to have better digestion. For instance: eat slowly, chew well and eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and fiber in our daily lives.

On some occasions and due to the side effects of the previous intake of antibiotics we can have an imbalance in our intestinal flora that can also be the cause of this inflammation of the abdomen.

Postural abdomen

This type of abdomen is caused by the fact having to sit for many hours which causes a loss of muscle tone in the abdomen.

How to remove it?

While sitting hold straight back with abs tight. Little by little this will help you regain lost muscle tone.

Slow intestinal transit abdomen

This type of abdomen is common in people who suffer from constipation and slow intestinal transit. When there is no proper bowel movement, the abdomen dilates, accumulating not only feces, but also gas and water.

How to remove it?

We must follow a diet that includes foods rich in fiber and that allow us to accelerate this intestinal transit: Brown rice, cereals such as oats and bran, spinach, kiwi …

It is very important to educate our intestines and go to the bathroom daily.

Liquid abdomen

This type of abdomen is seen in people who do not have proper kidney function. This causes that there is no elimination of fluids and toxins from the body and that these accumulate in different parts of the body, one of them being the abdomen.

How to remove it?

The first thing to do is rule out that there is a pathology that justifies it.

In the case of not finding any pathology, it is recommended drink 2 liters of water daily and reduce the intake of foods rich in sodium: shellfish, fish such as sole, sardines or anchovies, among others.

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