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Tips to end Christmas without contagion

How to get out of the Christmas holidays without viruses.

How to get out of the Christmas holidays without viruses.

At the gates of a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic and with the horizon increasingly closer to a vaccine, the celebration of Christmas is a challenge for families, who are torn between reuniting with their loved ones and the fear of contagion . Caution and common sense are the key.

The main message is clear: dinners and family meals, only with the coexistence group. It is the only thing that today guarantees the control of the epidemic and allows to avoid new infections.

However, in most communities the health authorities will allow travel to celebrate these holidays and in some regions up to 10 people from different coexistence groups may meet.

So that, nothing will stop us from getting together with grandparents and friends to celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years.

If we do, we must be responsible and adopt all protection measures that have been shown to be effective.


If we value meeting with people other than those with whom we live daily, it is important that they are as few as possible and do not mix several bubble groups. If you have to select, something to take into account is the elderly who have lived alone for all these months and for whom family contact is now a real necessity.

Surely more distant relatives can be dispensed with on this occasions, that they have the possibility of not spending these holidays alone, or those we see more frequently, and prioritize those who need us most.


During Christmas lunches and dinners it will not be possible to wear the mask continuously, but it is also not convenient to remove it before eating and not put it back on until we get up from the table.

There are many moments during these meetings sitting around a table that are dedicated to talking and not eating.

Also, we should ensure that the stay was large enough so that a minimum distance between diners can be kept and the table organized by convivial groups instead of inserting people from different bubbles.

If possible, there should be constant ventilation of the room and, if the low temperatures do not allow it, at least open the windows a few times throughout the meal.


When preparing the table, hygiene is more necessary than ever. In addition to washing your hands thoroughly, it is convenient that whoever cooks and prepares the table wears the mask during the whole process.

Avoid sharing dishes of the starters and appetizers and prepare individual portions or, at least, for groups of cohabitants.

Make sure it is always the same person who serves the water or wine and, if not, use the hydroalcoholic gel before and after touching the bottle or any other object that can be shared.


Another thing to get used to this Christmas will be do not sing and try not to raise your voice too much, since this favors the spread of the virus, so shouting discussions will have to wait for the next parties.


A good idea would be perform a self-confinement about ten days before the family celebration, to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus.

Many people will also choose perform diagnostic testsAlthough of these the most reliable is PCR, and if the result is negative it simply shows a still photo of a specific moment, but it is not an absolute guarantee that the disease is not incubating, for example.

In any case, before the appearance of any symptom compatible with covid-19, the most prudent thing to do is not to attend the celebration and stay at home.


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