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Tips to get verified on TikTok

Verification on TikTok is something that many users look for, as this symbol is synonymous with status and credibility within the platform. The problem is that knowing how to do to have it, something that we are going to explain to you in the next few lines.

To say that TikTok is the social network that has become the most fashionable in recent times is nothing that you did not know, since the boom it has experienced has been truly brutal. Right now there is no influencer who does not have their channel on this platform, something that did not happen at the beginning of this network.

But it is no longer only important to have a TikTok channel, but the goal of many is to get the platform to verify their account, something that will take their profile a step forward.

That symbol is a colored click that appears next to our name within the profile and in the publications, which has a special meaning within the social network, which is why it is something so valued.

The certification of our TikTok profile will increase our credibility, the authority in all our publications and the exposure of our channel, so the number of followers should increase as well.

They are all advantages, but the big question is what do I need to be verified?

How do I get verified?

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee the blue symbol 100%. The process by which TikTok verifies accounts is not transparentsince we do not know exactly how it is decided, who gets it and who does not.

Another of the most curious features is that we as users cannot request it, because the choice of who gets this power falls entirely on the TikTok administrators.

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In any case, although we do not know what they are based on to grant verifications, we do have a slight idea of ​​​​some criteria that they must follow.

In just three years, TikTok has overtaken YouTube in popularity and usage among younger people. Where did this social network come from? How have you been so successful? Why does the United States want to close it?

The criteria

We cannot be sure why some accounts are verified and others are not, but we can analyze those that have the blue symbol, to see what they share and what could mean that privilege.

Some things they share, so they should be more or less established criteria to achieve such recognition.

  • Increased followers and engagement rate: If your account is growing well and your followers are regularly engaging with all of your content, you’ll have a better chance of getting the blue click.
  • display time: They also look at watch time when deciding who to check, i.e. there needs to be a steady increase in the number of views and watch time for each of our videos.
  • real followers: To verify an account they also look for accounts with a high percentage of real followers. This is easy to calculate, since depending on the number of people who follow you, you should have an average of I like it determined.
  • viral videos: the more successful videos, the more chances of having the blue click, since your profile will be much more noticed, not only by the people of TikTok, but also by the users themselves.
  • influencer: If you are already an influencer on another platform, it is normal for TikTok to grant you the privilege we are talking about.
  • media coverage: Something TikTok admins also look for users with good media coverage, i.e. if you’ve been interviewed by a popular media outlet, you’re more likely to pass TikTok’s verification.
  • other platforms: If you have an account with the blue symbol on another social media platform, you are much more likely to get it on TikTok as well. TikTok administrators view verified accounts on other platforms as a sign of credibility.

How do I get verified?

Initially there is no minimum number of followers to be verified, but the truth is that looking at the user accounts that are already verified, none of them has less than 50,000so we can consider this figure as the lowest so that our account is taken into consideration from the platform.

Nor is there any official place where they tell us how to guarantee that an account has the blue click, so at this point it will also be intuition and comparison with accounts that already have it, which can mark us what requirements we must meet. .

  • quality content: The best thing for TikTok to consider you suitable for the distinction we are talking about is that the content of your account is of quality. Creating top-notch content increases the chances of your videos going viral.
  • Post regularly: an account that publishes a video a month will never be verified, that is clear, so your publications must be continuous and constant, even during the time your videos are uploaded.
  • Trusted Followers: the best thing is that the followers you get are always real, not from the websites or apps that are dedicated to selling them or getting them in exchange for exchanges. You can use trendy hashtags to get noticed or collaborate with other users by producing duos that help both of you grow.
  • Entertaining videos: try to make all the videos entertaining and original, since this fact of being different also makes you stand out and your account is more noticed.
  • media coverage: If you can get out in the media, that will be a very good point in front of the TikTok developers.
  • other networks: If you see it as more feasible, it can be a brilliant idea to get verified on other social networks, so that TikTok realizes that it should also do the same with you on its platform. What you can do is link your verified social media handle to your TikTok profile.
  • Trends and Challenges: so that everything flows, you grow, your followers participate and others, the best thing you can do is participate in trends, so that it is seen that you are active and up to date.
  • Be good: It is clear that you must follow the rules set by the social network. Having your account flagged for violating the rules will greatly decrease your chances of passing TikTok verification.
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Achieving the end goal can seem quite difficult, unless you are a celebrity or social media influencer.

In any case, if we are basing ourselves on everything that we have told you above, it may be that one day from the social network they will notice our account and we will get the long-awaited blue click.

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