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To be planted in September – Information

The two of them started the transport this Friday and on Monday they will Pedro Espadero, another artist who, like them, kept the works already finished in Ciudad de la Luz when the Fallas of 2020 were suspended by the covid.

The Generalitat gave 2,000 square meters in the old film complex to the relief of the builders, who have had a space to store their work all this time.

The artists from Alicante who plant in Fallas began to take this Friday from Ciudad de la Luz to Valencia the pieces they kept in March 2020 ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Las Fallas will burn on Saturday, September 4. On Thursday 2 all those monuments that should have been burned last year should be displayed in their respective Fallas districts, in a celebration moved from the calendar (it will not coincide with San José) and that will be very marked by the pandemic due to the agreed restrictions, such as the use of the mask even in open-air events, the celebration of the Offering in a closed space and without public or the advance schedule of the Cremà to make it compatible with the current curfew.

The artists from Alicante who plant in Fallas began to take this Friday from Ciudad de la Luz to Valencia the pieces they kept in March 2020 ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Apart from the artists who decided save pieces in City of LightThere are many others from Alicante who will plant these days in the capital of the Community. “There will be a lot of mobilization in the sector, after resisting this year and a half,” says the senior teacher and president of the Guild, Joaquin Rubio, surprised by the strength of the trade despite the economic difficulties, which at the moment all the workshops in Alicante survive.

Gómez Fonseca rode this Friday in the trailers the auctions and scenes of the fallas that he will plant in Valencia (he has made many others for towns with pending celebrations). Some have incorporated new scenes related to the pandemic. This is the case of the Pelayo Matemático Marzal Fallas Commission, where it has expanded the monument with the introduction of a tribute to the Falleros who died from the coronavirus.

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From Ciudad de la Luz to Valencia: the party returns to the streets
Rafa Arjones

The builder points out that he has “a very different experience. Replanting after a year and a half is a mixture of excitement and nerves, watching the companions as they come out with the trucks. It doesn’t seem like a year and a half has passed, but ten years. It is a world in which we are once again taking failures locked up in workshops for a long time, “said Fonseca, grateful to the falleras commissions, the Valencia City Council and the Federation of Guilds” for always being there. We know that, despite the restrictions, the Fallas collective has sacrificed itself to help artists and other sectors that we are having a very bad time. Not like others who have thought more about other things, “he criticized.

He also wanted to highlight the union and companionship that has awakened the delicate situation they are experiencing because of the stoppage caused by covid-19, “With calls from colleagues who do not plant in Valencia offering to lend a hand, which is to be appreciated.”


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