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To jail! Former producer of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ received new charges for sexual harassment

Enrique Albis former producer of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’.

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To jail! Enrique Albis, former producer of ‘The fat and the skinny’ received new charges for the sexual harassment that was reported, two years ago, by several women who would have been summoned by him, under deception, to supposedly do casting to enter the Univision show.

Legal situation of, former producer of, is complicated who 2 years ago was accused of sexual harassment by several women, whom he deceived by assuring them that he would audition them to enter the Univision show.

After the scandal denounced by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain in 2019 and Univision to fire Albis from the company, everything had been silent. The complainants reached an agreement with Univision’s attorneys and signed a confidentiality agreement.

Albis was not imprisoned, he only had to be ‘available’ when the court summoned him for charges considered simple. This saved him, at the time, from being arrested and, although he lost his job, not his freedom.

However, as we told you a few weeks ago, silence and simple charges were in the past, as the Miami city prosecutor’s office decided to study the case and, last Wednesday they filed a charge that I’d put Albis behind bars at least while the trial is taking place.

What are the charges now facing the former producer of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca?

As reported this Friday el Miami Herald, two of the cases had a change of face and accusation. In one you must face two felonies of sexual assault and two misdemeanors of assault. In the second case, he was formally charged with felony illegal detention, one minor robbery for sudden outburst and another for injuries.

Are they the only reported cases?

As we reported at the time and confirmed by the newspaper, Doral City Police, where Univision and the studios where ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ is recorded, are located, He “quietly” indicted Albis on lesser criminal charges in four cases. Of those, three are pending trial, and the fourth ended up being dismissed..

What will happen to the silence agreement between the victims and Univision?

According to the law, is dismissed at the same time that it ceases to be a civil case and takes the course of a criminal offense. The complainants will be able to speak, not necessarily about the agreement, but about what happened with Albis.

Regarding the agreement, on Thursday one of the alleged victims of Albis, Jennifer Guevara, in an interview on ‘Chisme No Like’ assured that they were not treated well by the Univision team of lawyers, and that even one of the female lawyers He would have told him that they were not going to pay because Albis touched ‘his buttocks’.

We contacted Univision to find out their reaction to both situations: the new charges against Albis and the accusation of the alleged inappropriate behavior of the company’s lawyer.

Through an e-mail they sent us the statement that we had already received in 2019, when the chain decided to dismiss and investigate the accusation, and it reads like this:

“Univision is committed to a diverse, inclusive and safe work culture, free from harassment. We expect all employees to treat each other and the audience, community, guests and associates with dignity and respect, and we do not tolerate any type of transgression. Harassment – of any kind and in any setting – is totally unacceptable. As soon as we found out about these allegations, we launched an investigation. Mr. Enrique Albis has been fired from the company ”.


Let’s remember that in August 2019, ‘Chisme No Like’ presented a recording where Albis was heard asking an actress, that he was going to a casting to work supposedly for ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, that they had sex … After so much insistence, the woman felt intimacy in showing her butt, and in the recording you can hear how the producer masturbates.

Faced with that complaint Univision fired Albis and began an investigation where he invited all the chain’s employees to report if they had been harassed or if they knew of any harassment.

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