Saturday, May 15

Today in Sweden: a summary of the latest news from Wednesday

No prohibitions on visits to residences

There are now no remaining nursing homes in Sweden that have the right to keep their residents’ loved ones away, after a temporary visitation ban in Överkalix, northern Sweden, expired on Tuesday, the TT news agency reported. Wednesday morning.

Despite a growing spread of the coronavirus in Sweden, which is still considered serious, vaccines of the most vulnerable older people appear to have an effect with the decrease in the number of new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in nursing homes, as well as the mortality rate. According to the latest figures, 91 percent of nursing home residents have received one dose of the vaccine and 82 percent have received both doses.

Municipalities can still discourage visits to residences.

Swedish vocabulary: to visit – to visit

Mass testing of seasonal workers in ski resorts

All seasonal workers in the Åre and Vemdalen areas must be tested for coronavirus, reports the news program of the Swedish public radio station SR. Ekot. Other workplaces, such as hair salons and grocery stores, are also part of the reinforced screening.

Vemdalen is currently seeing a growing number of confirmed coronavirus cases, but they appear to be declining in Åre after increased contact tracing in the area.

Swedish vocabulary: ski resort – ski resort

The leader of the Swedish Center Party prepares to join the Social Democratic government

Center Party leader Annie Lööf has told the Expressen newspaper that she would be willing to join a government alongside center-left Social Democrats or conservative moderates after the next elections, to be held in September 2022.

Your comments come after Liberal Party leaders voted to stop supporting the red-green coalition and the campaign alongside the moderates in the run-up to the elections.

Both parties campaigned in the 2018 elections as part of a four-party right-wing alliance with the moderate and Christian Democratic parties, but broke ranks not to back a government that depended on the support of anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats.

Instead, they hit the January Agreement with the Social Democrats and the Green Party, ending a four-month post-election deadlock and granting Stefan Löfven of the Social Democrats another term as Prime Minister, in exchange for a series of compromises.

Swedish vocabulary: Government – government

17 Swedish cities to get new ATMs after the law change

New ATMs will be installed in 17 Swedish cities after the country changed its laws to require the country’s major banks to offer cash withdrawals even in rural areas.

The new law means that six of Sweden’s largest banks must allow customers to deposit and withdraw cash from their branches without having to travel too far.

Ten cities will get their first ATMs in the first half of 2021, and seven will have their current ATMs updated. Here is a complete list of all the cities..

Swedish vocabulary: ATM – ATM (although colloquially many will use the word ATM, which is also the brand name of an ATM company owned by the Swedish banking giants)

DO NOT MISS: What awaits your Swedish money and purchasing power in 2021?

With no costly international travel for business, family or pleasure for a year, fewer visits to restaurants and pubs, and stubbornly low interest rates, many foreigners living in Sweden will start the year with more extra cash than usual, economists at the bank told The Local. It may sound paradoxical and of course it depends on your particular situation: we have investigated who will be worse and better in 2021.

Swedish vocabulary: money – money

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