Sunday, May 16

Today in Switzerland: a summary of the latest news from Wednesday

The public was warned against scams

The National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) is warning the public about various scams that are circulating in Switzerland or some of its regions.

They include fake emails, investment fraud, e-banking malware, and other schemes. Some may seem plausible, but all seek to extort money from unsuspecting individuals.

The Local will publish an article today outlining the latest scams and tips from NCSB on how to avoid falling victim to these rogue schemes.

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Vaud doctors will start vaccinating patients against Covid

Together with general practitioners in Zug, who began inoculating their patients against the coronavirus on Tuesday, doctors in Vaud are beginning to administer vaccines in their offices starting today.

The first to receive their vaccinations will be 10,400 patients older than 75 years and at risk of chronic diseases.

At the moment, vaccination will be limited to 250 practices due to the limited number of doses available.

General practitioners in other cantons are expected to start vaccinating their patients in the near future.

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Hurricane winds expected in Switzerland this week

The spring season is yet to come, forecasters say.

Starting Thursday, wind gusts of up to 100 km / h are expected to sweep across Switzerland and temperatures drop before the weekend.

“In the lowlands there will be gusts of 60 to 90 kilometers per hour and in the mountains more than 100 kilometers per hour,” said Stefan Scherrer of the meteorological service MeteoNews.

The winds will be followed by a cold front, he said.

Switzerland develops drugs to treat Covid-19

The Zurich Molecular Partners laboratory claims a milestone in the development of its experimental treatment against coronavirus.

Initial findings indicate that the drug, Ensovibep, is safe and well tolerated with no significant adverse events. ” manufacturers reported.

The antiviral treatment is still in its clinical trial phase, with more trials planned in the spring.

In August, the Swiss authorities signed a ‘reservation agreement’ for the delivery of 200,000 doses of this drug.

If it successfully passes clinical trials and is approved for the market, Switzerland will receive priority access.

Swiss employers will not ask the workforce to get vaccinated

Only 1 percent of Swiss employers intend to ask that their employees get vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to a poll by Manpower Group.

This is the lowest rate in the world: globally, 16 percent of respondents believe their employees should get vaccinated.

However, 41 percent of Swiss employers said they plan to encourage vaccination by highlighting its benefits.

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