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«Today’s society causes us to take a step back too often»

«During the pandemic I have not dusted the guitar. I have not written a song. Now I’m like a motorcycle »


How do you sing in this new normal, in front of such a separate and masked audience?

I had said, and I gave up in time, that I was not going to sing as long as people had a mask, but there I am, with people muffled in front of them. It is not the same to see people smile or not, you need more things, but you have to start and start somehow. That’s what I’m doing. In Alicante I am going to do the acoustic format, which is very grateful because it is very close, very communicative, I am explaining the songs.

He says that Volver para sungla, which in this acoustic format he does with David San José on piano and Ovidio López on guitar, is a vital journey through his songs, his classics and also new compositions.

Yes, when I started doing it I had a subtitle, Biography of the songs, because I am explaining why these songs come out and not others, what things provoke you, how some have an unexpected success and others send you to hell. Sometimes when you have been singing with some success for many years it seems that it is a still photo, but a long career is made up, as you can imagine, of all kinds of adventures, bright moments and dark moments.

«In today’s politics there are many fireworks, too many things for the gallery. All that is very tiring »


I do not know if this stop due to this catastrophic situation has discouraged him or made him charge himself with energy to return as a necessity to get out of all this.

I am like a motorcycle. I got like a motorcycle with the first shot and in the second I was skipping down the street. Somehow I felt liberated. It is as if it were another page, we are in another game. The truth is that I did not think that I wanted to sing so much. I started acting in June and I realized that I enjoyed it a lot, and I also saw that people who feel separated, without touching, with the mask, had a great time and that has given me a lot of encouragement. I really want to continue singing because I am enjoying

Making this musical balance also supposes a face to face with his career and his life. How does the current Victor Manuel see the one from three or four decades ago?

Well, the truth is that they are very different, but I find, and I like to find, suddenly how naive there was in what I composed in the first stage of my artistic career. In El abuelo Víctor, but also in the last work, Almost nothing is in its place, from 2018, where there is a return, not to that naive thing because I have more fangs than a wolf, but an attempt to return to that clean and with a certain naivety even though I can no longer have it.

You and other artists and friends of your generation sang and fought for freedom through music and your lyrics, at a very politically difficult time. Now there is democracy, it is a very different situation, but the threats return: xenophobia, homophobia, gender violence, extreme right … Should we continue to sing for freedoms?

Yes, for the freedom of always although it takes other forms. The difference that from this moment that I lived is that now they don’t kill. The people who put a couple of bombs in our house, Ana and me, killed a pregnant woman by leaving a bomb in a trash can, as well as the janitor at El País. That now no longer occurs because although there is a lot of appearance, which there is, it no longer has coverage. But it shocks you that today things come out that seem from another era, from another situation, what happens is that the shock is verbal and the verbal shock can screw me up, but it just bothers me.

«If you touch the eggs too much, maybe nobody puts you on the radio or no media takes care of you. They are fears of this time »


Now are we free or do we think we are free? In fact it has recovered its theme In a way your name is pronounced, dedicated to freedom.

We think we are free, but now we are conditioned by nonsense. Through social networks, looking out of the corner of the eye to see how many likes they give us. These are very painful things for me. That greatly conditions social relationships. And the music the same. In music there are people who do not want to get into trouble, but now they also have in their retina the lesson that in some way or another they have given many people. I’m not saying to rappers who jail for saying four puffs, things more serious than that. If you touch the eggs too much, no one puts you on the radio or no media takes care of you. They are fears of this time. The same fear as the kid who has his first job with a three-month contract and is invited to go on strike. It is the society we live in now that causes us to step back too often.

Politics is no longer what it used to be. Do you agree?

Yes. To the bad. Nor do I want to idealize the politicians of another time, but there were people with a different rennet, who tried to do things less for the gallery and more to what was necessary in this country. In that sense it is missed. There are too many fireworks, too many things for the gallery. It’s all very tiring.

Does Víctor Manuel see himself off stage, dedicating himself to something else?

No, because I don’t know how to do anything else. It will be difficult when I have to quit. I intend to continue singing as long as I write songs and it causes me the need to go on stage and sing them. As long as I have that ability to translate the life that I see and that I want to tell into songs, I will continue singing, until I physically can, of course.

The truth is that he has a very young voice …

It’s wrong for me to say it, but I’m singing very well. I find myself empowered.

His latest album is from 2018. Will there be a next one soon?

Yes, for the last one, Almost nothing is in place, I wrote like never before, I composed many songs and I used only a little more than half. That does not mean that I am going to use them all now, but there is an important part that will help me to start the next album.

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