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Together citizens, Macron’s new electoral platform

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The electoral platform of Emmanuel Macron it will be called Ensemble, citoyens ..! (Together citizens ..!) And it will be the common home from three different parties, making a common campaign to try to get the re-election of the current president of the Republic.

Together..! will bring together La República en Mar (LREM), Macron’s party, the Democratic Movement (MoDe, centrist), François Bayrou’s party, and Horizons (Horizons), Édouard’s new party until the presidential election next month in April Philippe, who was Macron’s prime minister between 2017 and 2020.

The creation of the new electoral coalition It has an essential strategic objective: to try to attract voters from the traditional right, the moderate right, the centrist right, even the center-left.

In the Macron government, “classical” conservatives occupy almost all the essential positions.

Jean Castex, Prime Minister, was Deputy Secretary General of the Elysee while President Nicolas Sarkozy. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, was Sarkozy’s Minister of Agriculture. Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, was Sarkozy’s official spokesman.

Five months into the first presidential round, Macron is launching conservative political initiatives: “bunkerization” of national borders; increase in the number of police officers during the next semester; promises of salary and business cuts … From the Elysee, the president covers the conservative and ultra-conservative front.

To be elected or re-elected president, the French political model imposes two rounds. In the first all the national political forces are represented. In the second there are only two candidates. The winner must have all the votes on his side and some on the border of his personal political sensitivity.

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To try to attract voters, beyond moderate conservatism, the common home of the “macronía” will offer a rainbow of sensitivities.

Electoral coalition

In the party of the president, LREM, there are former ministers of the socialist presidency of Francois Hollande, like Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was Minister of Defense of Hollande. This “left wing” of the “macronía” will support the president from the center left.

As the second party of Together ..!, MoDem will work with the traditional centrist electorate, with a social Catholic sensitivity, which has its importance in the agricultural world and the small and medium bourgeoisie of the provinces. As the third party of the Macronian common house, Horizons will address the secular and pro-European right, with a “social vocation.”

Together, citizens ..! It will be officially presented in society at the end of this month of November or the beginning of December, when Emmanuel Macron will be moving the pawns of his presidential campaign, call to coincide with the French presidency of the European Union (EU), as of January 1 next.

Macron continues to be listed for now as the candidate with the highest voting intentions in the first and second rounds of April. Waiting for the nomination of the official candidate of the Republicans (LR, traditional right), the party of Nicolas Sarkozy, which should be known in early December. Michel Barnier, former minister, former commissioner and European, and Xavier Bertrand, former minister, president of the Hautes de France region, could be two compelling rivals for Macron and the ultra- and far-right candidates, Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour.

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