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Tokyo 2021 Olympics: Why Avocados Are Every Atlela’s Favorite Food

Avocados are packed with monounsaturated fats that are key to muscle repair, as well as electrolytes like potassium and magnesium that can help activate muscles and prevent cramps.

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The fever for Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 it’s getting hotter and hotter. It is undeniable to say that during the last week we have had the opportunity to see exciting competitions, which leave the name of the sport very high. Without a doubt, this is the perfect time to talk about athletes’ dietWhile there are many healthy foods that an Olympian should incorporate into his diet while training to keep his mind sharp and body in tip-top shape, there is one food that stands out among various athletes. A fruit packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats and fiber, light but filling: avocado

The truth is, there are many reasons why coaches and nutrition experts include avocados in every athlete’s diet. Are full of monounsaturated fats that are key to repairing musclesas well as electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium that can help activate muscles and prevent cramps. Avocado also shines for its fiber and protein content, which allow athletes to stay active and satisfied during rigorous workouts. They are also the perfect complement to maintain a healthy weight, with a lot of nutrition.

Athletes not only they should consume foods rich in potassium and magnesium before training, but it is also important that they replenish with them after training. Let’s not forget that the body of a high performance athlete burns a lot of calories and nutrients, which is essential to replace. Potassium is used by the body for proper heart and kidney function, muscle contraction, and nerve transmission, which is why it is very important to replenish potassium after exercisingas many electrolytes are lost with sweat.

Another aspect that we cannot fail to mention is its prebiotic fiber content, which also plays a role in intestinal health, which is of great help to strengthen the immune system and keep athletes strong against any loss of defenses that is usually associated with high levels of stress. Additionally, the heart-healthy monounsaturated fat in avocados can also act as a immune system nutrient booster by helping to increase the absorption of vitamins A, D and E, which are fat soluble.

Based on this, we took on the task of selecting those Olympic athletes who bet on avocado, as well as some suggestions on how to incorporate this magnificent fruit and superfood into meals during the week.

1. Naomi Osaka eats avocado toast with smoked salmon

According to information revealed on PureWow, for breakfast our beloved tennis player Naomi Osaka eats avocado on rye toast with smoked salmon and a smoothie filled with kale, spinach and kiwi. Nutrition experts agree that when you add smoked salmon, there is a little extra sodium, which it is good to consume after a workout to replace lost sodium through sweat, as well as protein and healthy fat for muscle repair.

2. Brooke Raboutou loves avocado toast with egg

Team USA climber Brooke Raboutou told US Magazine that generally start your day with avocado toast with an egg. Alternatively, throughout the day as a snack to fill up on strength, eat almond butter toast with a banana.

3. Kaleo Maclay combines avo toast with oatmeal or yogurt

According to an interview with US Magazine, Paralympic volleyball player Kaleo Maclay enjoys having avocado, oatmeal and yogurt toast for breakfast. Without a doubt, a completely nutritious and extremely protein-rich snack. The recommendation of the renowned athlete is to bet on natural unsweetened yogurt, for example Greek is a great option since it offers healthy probiotics for the intestine.

4. Katie Ledecky adds avocado to chicken and pasta salads

We all know that swimming is one of the most demanding disciplines, which requires a considerable burn of calories that must be replaced. After the famous swimmer Katie Ledecky End your “dryland” training (think lifting weights and doing sit-ups), opt for a Caesar salad with a double portion of chicken and an avocado, as reported by Spoon University.

5. Maggie Steffens loves avo toast with eggs and sprouts

Maggie is one of the Most Recognized Athletes on the United States Water Polo Team, recently stated in an interview with ESPN that he “loves avocado toast made with multigrain bread, half an avocado, a handful of sprouts, two or three tomato slices, and one or two fried or hard-boiled eggs drizzled with olive oil.” Without a doubt it is a breakfast full of healthy fats and it is guaranteed that it is the perfect ally to keep you full of energy during practice.

6. Allyson Felix eats avocado sandwich for a “to go” snack.

Olympic track and field gold medalist Allyson Felix stated in an interview with People magazine that her ideal lunch is a light roast turkey and avocado sandwich on multigrain bread topped with lemon juice and red pepper flakes. The perfect snack to increase your physical performance throughout the day.

7. Mia Manganello also loves avocado toast with an egg on top

After practice, the skater declared to Delish that she likes to replenish energy in a simple way and the perfect ally to achieve it are the famous avocado toast with an egg. According to the recommendations of expert nutritionists, it is important to choose the right bread variants such as Dave’s Killer Bread, always use fresh avocados and organic eggs. Also go for extra spice and flavor with Trader Joe’s bagel seasoning or some red pepper flakes.

8. Lindsay Vonn enjoys a light dinner of chicken and avocado salad

According to an eInterview conducted by Women’s Health, the Olympian skier enjoys a chicken salad with avocado or a zucchini-based pasta with bolognese sauce. It is no secret to say that avocado is the perfect addition to salads, it is a light meal that in turn provides the best proteins and healthy fats, making it a great food to refuel after a day of training.

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