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Tokyo Olympics 2021: Elaine Thompson, the new Bolt is a woman | Olympic Games 2021

ABBA sounds in the Olympic Stadium, a great theater with empty stands, and with the Dancing Queen two more than corpulent Swedes walk more than dance, gigantic with their flag and their yellow shirts. They walk a few meters down the straight, get discouraged and stop. They are Daniel Stahl (68.90m) and Simon Petterson celebrating their gold and silver disc in a pandemic mode, and then the stadium shuts down and only the doorways shine in the black stands, and they look like the boxes at an opera function full of bored marquesas and princes.

And no, no one gets bored when Shelly Ann starts, pocket rocket size, and her yellow and tan hairpiece reaching the end of her back, where the heels of her sneakers almost hit her on which she advances at an impossible pace, four times per second, and she is chased by all the other finalists, the two Swiss, the British, the American, the Ivorian coast, the other two Jamaicans, so fast, because at 10 meters Fraser is already going, tiny, in front of all of them, leading the way but not forever.

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To Fraser, who always remembers that she is the mother of Zyon, 32 years old, and returned from motherhood faster, even faster than when she won gold in Beijing and London, like her friend Usain Bolt, so many years ago, the he reaches his compatriot Elaine Thompson, who is not his friend, and with her, street after street, meter after meter, he has a duel of breaths, steps, and gazes ahead, and, out of the corner of his eye, watching the smallest gestures, and in the last 20 meters the duel is resolved. It is solved by Thompson, 29, and his Maxfly sprung shoes, on which he bounces and moves faster than any woman in history except one. And when he approaches the end, and has already left Fraser behind, and his golden hairpiece like the medal that awaits him, and his empress diadem, Thompson, of Kingston as his hero, he feels Bolt and like the god of speed. points to the stopwatch and the time it stops, 10.61s, and with a light headwind, a breeze of 0.6 meters per second.

Fraser arrives 13 hundredths later (10.74s), with just two hundredths of a margin over the third, compatriot Shericka Jackson (10.76s), bronze as she was bronze in the 400m in Rio, and here she completes the fastest podium in the race. history. And out is Marie Josee Ta Lou, from Ivory Coast, who was able to run in series and in the semifinals faster than anyone (10.78s in both) and in the final she did not fall below 10.91s.

And they all agree, the new Bolt that athletics is looking for is a woman, a goddess, Thompson, who repeats the Olympic triumph, the victory of Rio, and hopes to double in the 200m as he already replied in Rio five years ago.

The three Jamaicans cross the finish line in the final of the 100m this afternoon at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.
The three Jamaicans cross the finish line in the final of the 100m this afternoon at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. Morry Gash / AP

The neighbor of the fastest man in history gives work to the statisticians, who already mark her as the new Olympic record holder, one hundredth less than Florence Griffith’s 10.62s in the semifinals of Seoul 88, and gives a little joy to so many fans who want the name of the American woman who stunned the world at the end of the eighties to be erased from all records, and died so young, at age 39, only 10 years after setting in the trials of the United States, in July 1988, a world record, 10.49s, so impossible that few believe in it, for the doubts about the mysterious anemometer of the Indianapolis stadium that marks 0.0 meters per second when facing the triple jump takes place under a gale of more than four meters, by the doubts about the morale and doping of the wife of Al Joyner in the mature years of Ben Johnson and other sad myths. Times that wake up in Tokyo 30 years later with the news of the positive for growth hormone of Blessing Okagbare, one of the favorites to be in the final of the 100m. Growth hormone has such a minimal detection window, close to eight hours, that controllers must figure out the best way to trace their visits to catch cheats in error. With Okagbare, who trains in Florida with Rana Reyder’s group, Bromell’s coach and De Grasse, they got it with a control on Saturday, July 17.

It is not an opera that has developed a few meters below when all the lights were turned on and all ran, although it could be, of jealousy, betrayal and revenge, but the final of the 100m between women who are nothing but disguised rockets, perhaps the best final that the Tokyo National Stadium will give to the Games. It’s a Jamaican drama, and Bob Marley plays at the end, and his Jammin’ Elaine Thompson, 29 years old, the champion, who walks alone her flag and her crazy joy, only responds with joy, the joy that invaded her in the last dazzling strides, when she saw the slowness with which they advanced, slower as time than their legs, and it doesn’t go away. And she celebrates alone, dances to Marley and takes the picture alone with time stopped, while, always turning her back on her, never posing with her, wrapping herself almost in the same flag, Fraser consoles themselves, and his look of rage defeats her. less desired, and Jackson, another podium crowned, as in Beijing, for the Caribbean island whose men have stopped running, but not the women, who are the goddesses.

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