Thursday, September 23

Tokyo Olympics: Italy’s sweet 2021 after “its worst year since World War II”

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Jacobs and Tamberi

Image source, Getty Images


Jacobs and Tamberi celebrating Italy’s double gold on Sunday in athletics.

“Eurovision winners after 31 years. European champions after 53 years. Olympic gold medal in high jump after 41 years. First Olympic gold medal in the 100 meters. If we attack now, it is easy for us to recover Istria, Dalmatia, Corsica and the Mona Lisa “.

This message was shared on Monday by numerous Italians on social networks, elated by the good performance their athletes had on Sunday at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, when they won two unexpected gold medals.

This is the biggest day in the history of Italian sport“, said the president of the Italian Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò, regarding the triumph obtained in the high jump final by Gianmarco Tamberi and the victory in the 100 meter dash by Marcell Jacobs, who officially became the fastest runner in the world. world and therefore in successor to the legendary Usain Bolt.

“We achieved something epic and extraordinary – just like success in soccer – and that is bringing the country together,” Malagò said. “We’ve had some epic victories, like winning the World Cup (four times), but in (Olympic) terms, this is something our grandchildren’s grandchildren will read about one day in history books“.

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