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Toledo street is no longer “Francoist”




The Toledo street in Palma it is no longer “Franco”. Just 24 hours after announcing his withdrawal from the city’s street map due to its “Francoist symbolism”, the socialist mayor of the Balearic capital, Jose Hila, has reversed and will keep the plate on the street of the city. The rectification comes after the mayor of Toledo, the socialist Milagros Toulon, will speak by phone with Hila this Monday and will express his “dissatisfaction” with the decision.

Toulon asked Mayor Hila “not to create clashes between cities” because “this is not the time” and he proposed that the name of Toledo continue to have a street in the Balearic capital as a World Heritage City. He assures that the Majorcan mayor understood his position; however, the mayor of Toledo will send an official letter to the Palma City Council to record this request.

According to him census of Francoist symbols carried out by the autonomic secretariat of Democratic Memory and Bon Govern de Baleares, Toledo street in Palma was put in memory of a battle of the Civil War and “it is a Francoist name put to praise the deed of the Alcázar of Toledo, during the war of 1936”.

Toledo is saved but eleven other streets of Palma have begun to withdraw this Tuesday, such as the emblematic Joan March Avenue, one of the main arteries of the city where, curiously, the headquarters of the bank founded by the Mallorcan magnate is located. From now on it is called Avenida Gran i General Consell, in memory of the highest administrative political body of the Kingdom of Mallorca, founded in 1249.

The streets bearing the names of the heroes who participated in the Battle of Trafalgar (1805), such as the Admirals Churruca and Gravina, as well as that of Admiral Cervera, who fought in the Cuban War (1898).

According to the census, the streets of the admirals do not recall the military but rather the ships of the Francoist navy that had that name, just like the Olite Castle passage, alien according to the City Council to the famous Navarrese fortification.

With this measure, the Palma City Council has the objective of advancing in democracy and equality, as well as complying with the Democratic Memory Law of 2018 and the «Moral obligation» to eliminate these symbols from the urban spaces of Palma. “All of us who are present here would never make a pact with fascists. That is why we continue to change street names, open graves and identify the bodies so that we can return them to their families ”, defended Mayor José Hila.

The name changes will affect many businesses, which will have to make changes to their documents. The City Council will give aid of up to 40,000 euros so that they can carry out the procedures normally.

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