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Tom Bergeron & Alfonso Ribiero Share Heartfelt Exchange

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Tom Bergeron and Alfonso Ribiero shared an exchange on Instagram.

On July 14, 2022, “Dancing With the Stars” made an announcement about the host for the upcoming season of the show, which is slated to stream on Disney+ in the fall.

Not only was Tyra Banks confirmed as returning for season 31, but producers also inked a deal to bring on former champ Alfonso Ribiero as co-host.

“I’m super excited. For me to be asked now to co-host with Tyra, and be part of the great crew and dancers and friends… to be able to be on stage with them and to be part of that family again, is quite special for me. I mean, these dancers are friends of mine at this point now. We really do all hang out together, and talk outside of that show,” Ribiero told People magazine.

Shortly after the announcement was made, Bergeron — who was fired from the program in July 2020 — reacted to the news on Instagram.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bergeron Is Happy for Ribiero & the Actor Hopes to Do the Former Host Proud

Bergeron was elated to hear that Ribiero was brought on to co-host DWTS.

“Now, getting Conrad Green back as DWTS showrunner is only ONE of their smartest decisions. Here’s the other one. Congratulations, buddy,” Bergeron captioned an Instagram post that contained two photos of him and Ribiero together.

Ribiero responded in the comments section and he and Bergeron had a sweet exchange.

“I just hope I can make you proud,” Ribiero wrote.

“I have no doubt,” Bergeron responded.

Bergeron was the host of the show in 2014 when the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” actor took home the Mirrorball Trophy alongside his season partner, Witney Carson. Carson is also thrilled that Ribiero is coming back to the ballroom.

“Can’t think of a more perfect fit to host @dancingwiththestars than my brother/uncle (I say uncle because he’s twice my age) @therealalfonsoribeiro how grateful I am to have your friendship all these years and to have these monumental memories together. I was just a baby, at 18 years old when I got you as a partner and you made my dreams reality! I cannot wait to hopefully be on that stage with you once again, and watch you light it up,” she captioned an Instagram post of her own.

Bergeron Has No Interest in Returning to the Show

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While some fans were holding out hope that a new home for DWTS could mean the return of a previous host, Bergeron doesn’t want to revisit the past. He has said that he has moved on and he wouldn’t return to the program.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in June 2022, Bergeron was asked about a possible return to the ballroom. The question came during a promo for the then-upcoming Pet Gala that Bergeron was hosting.

After he was asked, he looked down at the dog he was holding — named Willie Nelson — and seemed to make it clear that he wouldn’t be back.

“So anyway, Willie,” Bergeron said, dodging the question.

On July 1, 2022, Bergeron gave a more straight forward answer when someone mentioned him coming back on Twitter.

“Thanks. My ballroom hosting days are done but I can guarantee the show will be better with Conrad Green back as showrunner,” he answered.

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