Wednesday, October 27

Tom Hardy and Javier Bardem polish the weekend’s undercard

Javier Bardem wants to fight for the Oscar with 'The good boss'.

Javier Bardem wants to fight for the Oscar with ‘The good boss’.

The sequel to ‘Venom’ starring Tom Hardy and the film that has reunited Fernando León de Aranoa and Javier Bardem, ‘The good boss’, top the list of movie premieres this weekend. Along with them, ‘A Second’ by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, ‘Pleasure’, a Swedish debut film about the porn industry from a female perspective, and the French film ‘Tokyo Shaking’ about the Fukushima disaster.

Tom Hardy is Venom again

It was one of the big premieres postponed last year by the covid. ‘Venom: There will be slaughter’, the sequel to ‘Venom’ (2018) arrives in Spain preceded by success in American cinemas where it became last weekend the best premiere since the beginning of the pandemic, above ‘Widow black ‘. Tom Hardy is back in the shoes of one of Spiderman’s most charismatic enemies. Directed by Andy Serkins – known for having played Gollum in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy – it also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson.

Javier Bardem, ‘The Good Patron’ by Oscar

It is the film chosen by the Film Academy to represent Spain in the next edition of the Oscar What candidate for best international film and has Javier Bardem as the main ambassador. ‘The good boss’ is his reunion with Fernando León de Aranoa twenty years after ‘Mondays in the sun’ but this time, instead of the unemployed worker, Bardem is the head of an industrial scale company that is preparing for the visit of a commission that will decide their fate.

‘Pleasure’ analyzes the porn industry

In her debut film, the Swedish filmmaker Ninja Thyberg proposes a daring look at the dark world of porn cinema in the city of Los Angeles, moving away from stereotypes, an intimate journey through the day-to-day life of the protagonists of that industry. The story centers on the young Linnéa who, at the age of 19, travels to Los Angeles from Sweden to become a porn star. Starting from the bottom, little by little he discovers that reaching his goal requires him increasingly harrowing practices.

‘One second’, a song to love

Zhang Yimou, director of ‘The Red Lantern’ (1991) or ‘The House of Flying Daggers’ (2004), proposes a love story for cinema set in the Chinese Cultural Revolution in this film that opened at the last San Sebastian Festival . Between comedy and drama, ‘Un Segundo’ revolves around two opposing characters condemned to understand each other, a homeless woman and a convict who escapes from a labor camp. For different reasons, both seek to get a movie in which the daughter of the second appears.

‘Tokyo shaking’, the Fukushima disaster

On March 11, 2011, the largest earthquake in history in Tokyo triggered the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Karin Viard plays in this Olivier Peyon film a bank employee who has just arrived from France to work in Japan and has to face the crisis. The original idea came from the personal experience of a friend of Peyon’s, who was working in Tokyo at a large French bank when the disaster struck.

Against the myths of the black legend

José Luis López Linares, director of documentaries such as ‘An instant in someone else’s life’ (Goya for the best documentary, 2004), ‘Asaltar los cielos’ (1997) or ‘Extranjeros de themselves’ (2001), now looks at the myths of the Black Legend of Spain in his new documentary, ‘Spain, the first globalization’ . Inspired by Elvira Roca’s work ‘Imperiophobia y Leyenda Negra’, the film gathers testimonies from almost 40 historians and other specialists who point out how “tons of propaganda” from the 16th and 17th centuries became “the official version of history.”

‘Two colleagues and the great beast’: Norwegian animation

From Norway and directed by Gunhild Enger and Rune Spaans comes this animated children’s comedy about two friends who live happily in a train tunnel with a badger, until a female driver visits them to announce that they must vacate the place. Together they set out in search of the legendary pirate Captain Tootson to help them save their home.

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