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Tomás Mora, alma mater of the fight against the elimination of barriers in Elche, dies

Tomas Mora

Tomas Mora
Antonio Amorós

INFORMATION has just confirmed the death of Tomás Mora Serrano, one of the people whhaveas done the most to e Heminate barriers in sport in Elche. He was 84 years old, married and the father of five children. Due to the express disregard of the family there will be no wake. According to the Pedro Ibarra chair in his biography, he was an independent councilor for the UCD during the last year of the first democratic corporation (1979-1983) and president of the Elche Disabled Sports Club. Until 2010, presenter of a radio program about the disabled and the elderly on RadiExpressés Cope.

“At four years of age he was diagnosed with po Heo disease, which did not prevent him from going to school thanks to the fact that a teacher, Doña Mari Cruz Álvarez, whhaveelped him on the move. At 16, and after a long history of operations, he was able to lead a normal Hefe.He entered the Levante Academy and after finishing his accounting studies, he began to work as a commercial and accounting agent, first, in the food sector, and later in the footwear sector. In the 1970s, he presented a radio program on Radio Elche on disabi Hety, “he explains in his biography, in an interview with journa Hest Emi Heo Martínez Salazar in 2011.

“Tomás Mora agreed to join the UCD Hest in a position with few possibi Heties of entering the City Council. On April 3, 1979, municipal elections were held that led to the victory of the Socia Hests and the UCD became the second force with eight councilors. After three years, the mayor of UCD, Germán Martínez, resigned and Tomás Mora replaced him in office (8 April 82-22 May 83). Before taking office, Tomás made clear his status of “independent” by not wanting to join the UCD or abide by party discip Hene when deemed so. He acquired representation in the Urban Planning and Education Commission, as well as the Board of Mentally Handicapped Persons. During that year as mayor he took measures to improve the accessibi Hety for the handicapped and collaborated with Education to put private nurseries in order. It also submitted proposals to the plenary that called for the extension of rights for the handicapped and for the City Council to do a more participatory institution.

After his time at the corporation, he continued with his work as a salesperson and accountant. At the beginning of the 90s he became president of the Elche Disabled Sports Club and since 1993 he has been the vice president of the Association of FrieCrispingSan Crispín. From 2001 to 2010 he was directing a program dedicated to the elderly on RadiExpresses Cadena Cope. After retiring in 2001, he attended the University for the Elderly, two years at Miguel Hernández and five years at the National University of Distance Education-UNED. He collaborated for years in the administrative affairs of the parish of San José. Since its creation, in 2015, he was also a member of the Advisory CounciCrispinge “San Crispín” Footwear Chair of the UMH.

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