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Tommy Hilfiger, 70 years of the casual fashion icon designer

An image of the New York designer Tommy Hilfiger.

In his early thirties, the New Yorker Tommy Hilfiger created his own clothing line in 1985, building one of the great empires of American fashion. This March 24, the designer enters the 70 years, and he does so maintaining his podium as one of the consolidated designers in the fashion scene.

“Guess what the four great American designers are: Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein y Tommy Hilfiger”read a billboard located in New York’s Times Square in the mid-eighties. Among the four names, one was completely unknown; that of Tommy Hilfiger, who at that time was beginning a journey in his own clothing firm, with which years later he would fulfill this forecast.

Descendant of a Irish family, Thomas Jacob Hilfiger (New York, 1951) It was clear to her that she would dedicate herself to the world of fashion. His path in this industry began when he was still a teenager, when he began to work as a hippie clothing distributor, to later do it at the Jordache firm, where he would remain until the launch of his own eponymous line approached in 1985, after rejecting a job offer in Calvin Klein.

With white, red and blue as the company’s corporate colors, its iconic flag as an image and casual garments in the line of North American sports style, Hilfiger built a fashion empire that continues to this day. Now, in their emporium they have a space for perfumes, children’s lines and all kinds of accessories, in addition to having ambassadors with faces as diverse as Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hamilton, Rafa Nadal or the nephews of George Bush, Lauren y George P. Bush.

The American has recognized several times the importance of advertising in the rise of brands, one of the tools that helped the firm jump into the common imagination when it was still unknown. Their strategies have ranged from sponsoring Lenny Kravitz tours to making art-inspired collaborations, or joining the trend of selling collections simultaneously by presenting them on platforms like Instagram.

With a aesthetics that walks between the classic and the sporty cut, key to reaching a very broad and diverse audience, the designer and his creations are associated with the Big Apple of New York, and it is that, in addition to sharing corporate colors with the American flag, this fusion of styles became an identification of the American casual fashion, of which he was one of the greatest exponents, as well as the most viral designers during the nineties.

Thirty years have passed since that time when he became the forerunner of what is now known as casual style, and the designer, for whom fashion has always been synonymous with fun, continues to evolve. Now, he joins the digital challenges that mark the new ways of expression of the industry, and proof of this are some of his statements, in which he explained that “fashion shows are outdated.”

With the focus on the millennial generation and with the transgressive spirit that characterizes itSome of the proposals of the American designer have been worn by celebrities such as the model, actress and activist Zendaya, who has more than 89 million followers on Instagram and an icon of this generation, with whom she finds the link through this social network.

He has recently presented the “Jeans Redesign” collection, in which he joins the mission of creating sustainable fashion for circular use. Through recyclable garments and in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Hilfiger supports ethical fashion and forms of production that minimize the generation of waste, principles that include some of the fifteen objectives it presents in its “Make it possible” project.

In addition to the sustainable processes that the firm already implements, the online platform “Tommy for Life” is exclusively dedicated to brand information linked to sustainability, one of the firm’s latest initiatives following the spirit of change of its creator who arrives at the age of seventy without fear of evolving.

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