Sunday, June 26

Tonga volcano eruption will bring big waves to Hawaii, west coast

The US West Coast braced Saturday for tsunami activity, including unpredictable currents, waves and tides that could endanger swimmers and boaters, after an undersea volcano erupted near the nation. of the Tongan Pacific.

The eruption sent tsunami waves crashing ashore in the small island nation of about 105,000 people, sending people to higher ground.

Meanwhile, a tsunami watch is in effect for Hawaii, Alaska and the US Pacific coast as officials urge people to avoid beaches and marinas on Saturday.

Dave Snider, tsunami warning coordinator for the National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska, said the advisory includes an unusually long stretch of coastline.

“I’m not sure when the last time was, but it’s really not an everyday experience,” he said. “I hope that raises the importance and gravity for our citizens.”

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