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Toni Cabot extols the passion for the «terreta» through forty personalities

«Vademecum of the entrails of the province», «book of portraits of Alicante personalities» and «authentic bestiary of Alicante and its people». It is how Carlos Mazón -president of the Provincial Council- and Juan Ramón Gil -content general director of Alicante, Murcia and Andalusia in Prensa Ibérica-, defined the book «Gent de la terreta», the work of the «friend», journalist and director of the INFORMATION Club, Toni Cabot, at the presentation of the issue that became, this Friday, a great tribute to each and every one of the forty personalities that mark the work.

They were absent for inescapable reasons, explained by Cabot himself, the journalist Asunción Valdés, the architect of the EUIPO’s installation in Alicante, Juan Ignacio Moltó, and Cristina de Middle, a photographer at the best agency in the world, Magnum, who traveled in his moment by the newspaper INFORMATION. The rest of the honorees applauded the author as much as they were applauded by the rest of the attendees, who did not leave an empty seat in the INFORMATION Club in a “full of those from before the pandemic”, as Gil remarked.

Aspect of the INFORMATION Club, crowded, during the presentation of the book «Gent de la Terreta» by journalist Toni Cabot. | RAFAS ARJONES

“With this book, Toni turns into bigger little stories that make up the history of the province,” added the also INFORMACIÓN journalist Cristina Martínez, who accompanied the “overwhelmed” author on stage – as he confessed, “surrounded by so much people I love and admire »- in his detailed journey through the professional and vital trajectory of the forty personalities in this first volume, which, as it progressed, will give way to new profiles. The journalist and former director of INFORMATION, Francisco Esquivel, already warns about this in the prologue of the work: “The author does not know the box he has opened or the mess he has gotten into”, given the “overdose of entrepreneurs that he stores” Province.

One after another, from the businessman Jesús Muñoz to the athlete and coach Joaquín Villar, who opened and closed the work, they received their personal and professional admiration from Cabot, and from all of them he praised their vocation for the society they benefit. «The bullfighter Manzanares has taken Alicante around the world; Vicente Castillo has turned his gastronomic temple into a benchmark in all of Spain; tourism in this province has the great fortune of having people like Nuria Montes “, he explained.

Of Román Bono, he said that he presided over the CAM “when it was directed by people who were worthwhile and made it great”; He considers Asunción Martínez a “luxury executive, pure energy from the Vega Baja”; Quintanilla, Miguel, “was looking for excellence and has found it for its worth,” added the author, and Lola Mollá, his French teacher, along with Juana Serna, also chosen in the book, “marked a different line in teaching when they began to serve students without resources ».

The journalist Pirula Arderius and her daughter, Pino Alberola, pose with the author. Next to it, with the bullfighter José María Manzanares and relatives. | RAFA ARJONES

Cabot wanted to pay tribute in public to those who have already reflected in his book with a prose full of “nerve and blood”, as defined by Carlos Mazón in the prologue and reiterated in the act of presentation of the work. “It manages to unravel the particular human history behind any professional career,” he adds, encouraging the reading and rereading of each of the forty profiles. “Cabot has left the door ajar, a door with no other pretense than to reveal the exceptionality of other people’s lives that will soon be most familiar to them.”

The also journalist and “brother” Jorge Fauró, who in turn prologues the work, confirms that “reading these 40 profiles would help the aliens to get to know the people of Alicante in detail.” People whom the author managed to bring even closer during the act, which oozed feeling and truth.

Previously, the general director of content at Prensa Ibérica, Juan Ramón Gil, portrayed these qualities in the author. “Toni perfectly embodies the famous Kapuscinski sentence in which he said that journalism is not a profession for cynics. He is a good man, in the Machadian sense of the word, which makes him a magnificent journalist, undoubtedly one of the best that Alicante has given “, due to his ability, he added, to” be, see and listen, understand, empathize and use the right metaphor and the precise adjective to turn them into weapons of massive construction of texts that every good newspaper is obliged to offer its readers.

The author with the rectors of the UMH, Juan José Ruiz, and of the UA, Amparo Navarro, at the end of the act. | RAFA ARJONES

This is what INFORMATION has done with the Sunday profiles of “Gent de la Terreta” that are compiled in this book. “Discover experiences of people we think we know a lot about and are important in our lives, even if we don’t realize it,” Gil concluded.

People like Paco Gómez; Luis Berenguer, “who is not in the book because he is my friend, we owe him the breakdown of the wall between San Gabriel and the EUIPO”, said the author while praising his wife, Sara, “extraordinary lawyer and smarter than he”; the businessmen José María Caballé, Adolfo Utor, Joaquín Rocamora, Pedro López, Joaquín Rocamora and Juan Cabello, whom he said he admired, as well as the rectors Amparo Navarro and Juan José Ruiz, as well as the “authority on the climate”, Jorge Olcina; of the culture of music, Josep Vicent; the engineer Florentino Regalado, the cardiologist Paco Sogorb, or the scientists Andrés Torrubia and Josep Bernabeú.

He continued his journey with the province’s first female journalist, Pirula Arderius; the engineer Nuria Oliver, a world leader in Artificial Intelligence “who has contributed a lot to make it better for all of us during the pandemic”; as well as the oncologist Aurelia Bustos; the directive Ana Berenguer, now in the Generalitat; and “one of the best researchers in the country”, Angela Nieto.

Toni Cabot extols the passion for the «terreta» through forty personalities | RAFA ARJONES

Cabot had words of affection and admiration for all of them, without letting those linked to the sport pass such as the gymnast Rosa Menor, the Olympian Juan Escarré, or José Pedro García, altruist of the Montemar Club, and Nito Manero, president of APSA, of the who said altruism is in his blood.

Mazón closed the act satisfied by publicly praising the “friend” and merging with Cabot in a great embrace that the entire room felt as their own.

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