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Toni Cantó breaks with Cs: he leaves his act as a deputy in the Cortes with a party in free fall

The devilish crossroads that Cs goes through due to the accumulation of electoral failures and the Murcian sainete, which has ended up shaking the political game in half the country, is now accentuated in the Community, where Cantó’s resignation leaves a formation headed by the departure of one of the most mediatic territorial barons of Cs. A noisy goodbye with direct attacks on his hitherto boss, whom he accused yesterday of preferring to protect the executive rather than the party itself at a time when “you have to take responsibility,” said Toni Cantó.

The regional leader rejected Arrimadas’ proposal to expand the party’s Permanent Committee and integrate it together with other critical voices. Nor was the decision to remove the vice secretaries from the hard core of Cs Carlos Cuadrado and José María Espejo. The Valencian wanted the head of Arrimadas. Mainly, for trying to snatch the Government of Murcia from the PP by agreeing with the PSOE in an “absolutely embarrassing” way and, worst of all, without calculating the consequences. At that point, and with a formation in free fall, he invited Arrimadas to emulate Albert Rivera, about whom he said that, in his day, “he gave a lesson on how a man who knows what politics is behaves,” and that is something that others in the party “have not taken note of.” But his speech did not end there, but he claimed to go hand in hand with the PP in the regional elections of 4-M because, he said, “the center-right cannot lose the Community of Madrid.” He even asserted that “Who we cannot go with in Madrid is with Ignacio Aguado”, who is held responsible for the breaking of the pact that oranges and popular kept there.

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It is true that Cantó at no time said that he was leaving the game, although his staging is clearly incompatible with continuing in Cs. So much so that the deputy speaker in Congress, Edmundo bal, predicted yesterday that he will end up enlisting in the PP. “White and in bottle,” said Bal, and more taking into account, he stressed, the operation of the PP to “purchase” charges of Cs. Positions such as the former Secretary of Organization, Fran Hervías, who has signed for Casado. There were even those who speculated that it would go on Ayuso’s lists.

The war opened by Cantó caught Valencian deputies from his own group by surprise. With the party’s anointing they will now have to choose who assumes the new spokesperson in the Cortes, a position for which those related to Cantó point to the attached Ruth Merino. Another open front lies in the need to find a regional coordinator at a time when training is bleeding. Of course, first it will be necessary to see if among the 18 parliamentarians of Cs there are more interested in supporting Cantó’s script. He says now that he is leaving to go back to work as an actor. At the time.

Parra and Gutiérrez, between reflection and gratitude

The vice president of the Provincial Council, Julia Parra, expressed her respect for Cantó’s decision and recognized his work. «The project continues. We are many people committed to the only training that the center represents, without backpacks or corruption, “said Parra. The Cs spokesman in the Provincial Council, Javier Gutiérrez, acknowledged that this Monday was a day for reflection. “We will be back in our positions in the institutions to guarantee management in this time of crisis in which public administrations are more important than ever.”

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