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Toni Costa and Adamari López are very close and happy falling in love with Capri, together with Alaïa

Adamari López and Toni Costa.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

Toni Costa is really a happy man. He has the two women in his life with him and he enjoys the beauties of Capri with them. The Univision celebrity shared a video in which he exposed to his audience how Alaïa was enjoying the yacht trip. But with this reproduction it was also evident that on that trip she remained very close to Adamari López, who wore her new figure in a bikini.

The video of this yacht adventure has been shared by Toni through Facebook, where he wrote the following: “Second part of our trip around the island of Capri. We have a wonderful time creating memories and beautiful memories for life, our daughter is happy and that is the most important thing for us whatever the situation, who matters is her, thank you for your beautiful comments friends, I hope you enjoyed our walk, until the next adventure! ”.

With this message, the Spaniard once again reiterates that for him and Adamari the most important thing will always be Alaïa. But fans are hopeful that seeing them, finally together again on social media, they both reconnect and rediscover their love. Here are some of the comments from their fans to the video: “Blessings for everyone, I hope you can reconcile, for your beautiful love and Princess Alaïa, please make God the captain of your lives, I suffered a lot from your situation but I know that God is in control.

After seeing the reproduction, there are many who believe that the Spanish has truly achieved it. It seems that Toni has been able to get closer to the heart of his beloved Adamari, who has stayed close to him on this trip to Italy.

Adamari for his part, even though he has been recording a good part of his tours, he has not yet shared anything through Instagram or the rest of his social networks. It seems that Alaïa’s mother has wanted to disconnect from everything these days of vacation. Of course, the Puerto Rican host of Hoy Día on Telemundo has been watching what happens on her television show. And it is that today Francisco Cáceres announced his departure not only from the program but also from the Hispanic network, and it did not take long to say goodbye to him with these words, through the morning’s Instagram.

“Excellent person, professional, great partner… I wish you the best, I am sure that you will achieve all your dreams. You work hard for what you want and put all your heart and knowledge. I love you very much @franciscocaceres and I am sure we will coincide again. 💕🙏🏻🎉🥰 ”, said Adamari, for Cáceres, who is leaving television to continue preparing academically no more and no less than at Harvard, with a scholarship.

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