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Toni Costa: “Dancing with Adamari always has a very special meaning”

Adamari López, Toni Costa.

Photo: Telemundo / Alex tamargo / Telemundo

Toni Costa returned to a track and again with a tango with Adamari Lopez. This time not in “Mira Quien Baila”, as 10 years ago, nor did they close with a kiss. Today was in ‘Así Se Baila’, and they finished the presentation with the love of their lives: their daughter Alaïa.

We exclusively spoke with the dancer, whom we hA few weeks ago we saw him dance in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ with which later the winner was, Sirey Morán and he told us, among many things that: “Dancing with Adamari always has a very special meaning”.

How did you feel dancing with Adamari again?

Toni Costa: Very well, it has been a process of much rehearsal, many hours of practice, creation of the choreography and music, etc … Dancing with Adamari always has a very special meaning, based on the fact that she is a good student, disciplined and with character on the dance floor. It makes you feel that the connection and rapport, from when we have come to dance previously, had not been lostIt is a feeling that gives you a lot of security and satisfaction, in short I really liked dancing with her again.

Adamari López and Toni Costa dance in ‘Así Se Baila’. Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo

-They fell in love on a track, and Ada said that today is a symbolic way to close that cycle also on a track, how do you feel after this personal closure?

Toni Costa: There are dances that make a difference, a before and an after, and this was not going to be the exception. We have had the opportunity to dance again, and thus create a beautiful memory for our daughter, Alaïa, of the three of us dancing together, where she is the linchpin of all this, and that will keep us together forever. I am happy, because there was no better way to close this stage than by dancing, and give way to new experiences and livelihoods in our lives.

-What did Alaïa say about seeing you back on the track and now with her?

Toni Costa: To her always she loves to see daddy and mommy dance, she wants to see us united, and we do whatever it takes for her to give it to her. And when we told her that if she wanted to dance with us, she did not hesitate and agreed, I could only see the funniest way for her, to be part and I think I found her in that load of the three at the end of the dance. Goal accomplished!

Adamari López, Toni Costa and Alaïa dance in 'Así Se Baila'.
Adamari López, Toni Costa and Alaïa dance in ‘Así Se Baila’. Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo

-What do you say to the public that follows your story like a novel and that may feel reflected in you??

Toni Costa: We are aware of the image, through the years, that we have given as a family and parents present, sharing countless experiences and events that were marking our lives, and in which many people have felt identified or as an example to follow, and that is wonderful.

In this new stage of separated parents, with a daughter in between, our main objective is to continue doing everything in our power to take maximum care of their emotional stability, and that you feel the least that separation or in a natural way … Anything can be done, and it is not difficult at all as long as there is respect, communication and affection between bothWith this, we may continue to be an example for people who feel identified in our same situation.

-How do you see Ada with all her physical change?

Toni Costa: Spectacular, I have told her many times, and I encourage her to continue like this and not to take off, she is tough in everything she does, and her sacrifice is more than demonstrated in her remarkable change. The results are visible, And if all this makes you have the physical and mental health you have sought so much, I applaud you because you are doing it wonderfully, and he has succeeded.



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