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Toni Kroos sent a message to Real Madrid: “I want to finish my career here and that will happen”

Will Toni Kroos think about retirement if he does not renew with Real Madrid?

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The German midfielder, Toni Kroos, has sent a message to the Real Madrid board about his intentions to remain in the team Until the end of his career, and taking into account that his contract ends in 2023, he has made it clear that he has the availability to sign a new contract when the current one ends.

Kroos has been a disciplined footballer throughout his career, he knows his limits and what the teams he has played for can give, as he demonstrated when he signed his last contract with Madrid. “The duration of the contract was chosen consciously. When i finish i’ll be 33 years old and I will have to reflect on what I do next, “he said in an interview with Sky.

“I don’t need to get into ambiguous games, I put the cards on the table. It is my eighth season with Madrid and I have an incredible relationship with the club that I would never put in danger and I think that is something mutual. I have clearly said that I want to finish my career here and that will happen “added.

Following these statements, It was logical to think that the player opened the doors to a possible withdrawal if he does not achieve an extension With the team from the capital of Spain, however, the German international cleared up the doubts immediately.

“I know what I have with the club and the club knows what it has with me. When the time comes, we will talk. The key will be in what the bones say and the desire to play “, he claimed.

In that sense, Kroos made it clear that he wants to be 100% both physically and mentally to show a level worthy of a team like Real Madrid.

“I feel completely fine, but to renew I have to be at a good level, the body will have to continue responding and the desire has to be there. If that is so, we will talk. If not, I have in any case a contract until 2023 ″, he stressed.

For its part, the German referred to the rumors of a possible arrival of Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland to the merengue team, indicating that it is not an issue that is touched on in the dressing room but that it is normal for them to be linked because Madrid always wants to sign the best available players.

“I’ve been here for eight years and there has always been talk of players who never come later. Of course, these are two players who are talked about because of their contractual situation and because they are the most interesting names on the market ”, he stressed.

“I can imagine that the Madrid always tries to bring in the best players and they are in that category. But I am not the president ”, he sentenced.

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