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Tonyia Harding’s precedent

  • The ex-husband of the American skater hired hitmen to break the leg of Nancy Kerrigan, his great rival in ice skating.

  • The life of the athlete was taken to the cinema in 2017 with the movie ‘Yo, Tonyia’.

The case known this Wednesday that allegedly links the soccer player Aminata Diallo with the aggression suffered by her PSG partner Kheira Hamraoui has a famous precedent in the world of sports with the attack that the skater suffered in 1994 Nancy kerrigan by some hitmen hired by the ex-husband of his great rival Tonya harding in American ice skating and that even led to a movie.Kerrigan was the great rival of Harding, the one that personified all the virtues that the ‘establishment’ of the American ice skating. On January 6, 1994 both were in Detroit training for the national championships. One of the two would qualify for the Lillehammer Games. As soon as you finish your preparatory session, Kerrigan she was assaulted by an unidentified attacker, who hit her in the leg with a bar. Television cameras arrived at the scene of the event just in time to capture the young woman crying out, “Why? Why? Why?” The assailant had tried to break her right leg to remove her from the competition, but it only caused a bruise and severe swelling. In any case he couldn’t skate the next day, and Harding he ended up winning the championship and qualifying first for the Games.

Shortly afterwards it was discovered that the attacker, Shane stant, had been hired by Harding’s ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, and a friend of this, Shawn eckardt. Gillooly agreed to testify against the young woman in exchange for a reduced sentence, and ended up spending six months behind bars. She denied any involvement in the events, but the media decided that she was guilty.

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The US Olympic committee tried to disqualify her but, when she threatened them with a $ 25 million lawsuit, they finally allowed her to travel to Lillehammer. There it coincided with Kerrigan, which by then was fully recovered and ended up winning the silver medal. HardingFor her part, she was about to be disqualified after the cord on one of her skates broke during warm-up. After tearfully begging the judges for a second chance, he finished eighth.

Embodied by the actress Margot robbie, Harding was taken to the cinema in the film about her case, ‘I, Tonyia’, a film that received good reviews and a statuette at the 2018 Oscars (Allison janney, Best Supporting Actress).

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