Thursday, February 22

Too many ‘podcast’, audio…? Listen to them at twice the speed

Cariño, why do I hear myself in the audios as if I were a parrot? “Because you accidentally activated the ‘faster mode’ of WhatsApp, grandma, that’s why you listen to everything much faster, at twice the speed,” I tell her. “And what is that for?” He replies. Well, that’s what I ask myself… what is it for? To save time? for him to get out check of ‘hearing’ the person who sends you the audio and that it does not seem that you ignore them?

First there were the audio messages to avoid writing; then, the self-dictation to prevent the audios from being eternalized and, now, the x2 audios. It is the law of minimum effort and maximum effectiveness, dictated by urgency in an era in which, overwhelmed by the impacts and availability of content, it seems that time is not enough for us to see and hear everything.

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