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Top 5 Gardening Apps for Android Phones

One of the most beautiful and satisfying hobbies right now is gardening. The fact of seeing how any type of plant is growing and getting the best out of it thanks to our care, is something that is very comforting.

But it is not exactly a restful hobby, since all this entails a lot of work and time dedication. Any help is welcome, because there are times when, due to lack of experience, we may be doing some work that could be done in another way or due to lack of information we do not take something in particular into account.

That is why technology can be our best ally and specifically, applications for everything related to gardening and even some that were not initially conceived for it, but that manage to give us some extremely valuable information.

Our Android mobile will help us in all this need. Let’s see how.

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Despite not having been active for a long time, this application is one of the most complete with regard to agriculture and gardening issues.

Agrobase has many tips, topics and explanations about gardeningdealing with interesting and helpful topics such as insects, plants, types of crops and much more.

One of the most interesting features of the app is the focus it achieves, since we are not talking about an application aimed at great gardeners, but rather it is very well written so that everyone understands what tasks they must perform, the advice they must follow, continue.

For example, a gardener, using this application, would be able to detect more weeds or pests, to give you two examples.

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If by chance, we do not find information about a topic, it is very possible that after a while it is already present, since, according to the developers, every day they incorporate new data.

That is why it is an app that is worth coming back from time to time to see all its progress, at least in terms of information.


For gardening, a good application of the time that almost primordial, because the treatment of flowers or plants will depend on it, especially if we have them outdoors.

1Weather will show the forecast, the current temperature, the humidity, the sunrise, the sunset, the extended forecast, since we can also see a metrological radar.

Thanks to this type of app, you can program irrigation, if you need to sow or the best times to remove weeds, to give you several examples.

They can also be receive notifications of severe weather alertsbecause that situation can be dangerous for what we have planted and is growing in our garden.

In addition, from this application a forecast for up to 12 weeksso it could be used for long-term crops, although we already know how far the reliability level is usually much lower.


The first thing we should know is that it costs 0.88 euros in the Google Play Store.

It is an application that will allow to identify several different species of flowers or plants.

What makes FlowerChecker+ special is that does not use an algorithm to identify plantsbut, according to what they say from the application itself, they are experts in this entire world who identify what we send.

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It is a perfect solution for when you find a plant that you do not know what it is, that you have no idea of ​​its origin and other information.

As you can understand, even if it is paid (it is not expensive) it can be a very good investment.

My Garden

My Garden is an application that is made explicitly for gardenershelping to set up everything that has to do with a garden in every way.

Whether you need any information, such as local conditions, the best seasons to grow what you want, and ideas for plants to be as successful as possible with them, that’s what this app is all about.

But not everything stops there, since we will also have gardening tips and different types of tricks with which to increase the success rate of everything we cultivate or care for.

We also talk about a great application whether you are an expert or a beginner, since it is capable of adapting to your knowledge in the best of ways. Even if you know a lot, there will always be something in which this extensive application can give you even more knowledge.

Another good news is that it is free, so we will have to pay no amount of money to have it.


PlantNet is another plant identification app.

Their database carries tons of images categorized into different types of plant life.

One of the most attractive parts of this software is that we ourselves can help create the base of all the plants that this app has and that are not in its directory, being able to take a high-quality photo and send it to the developers so that they can They can incorporate it into their data.

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By having a Design Material Desing the interface looks current and with enough quality so that we do not miss anything, in addition to being quite intuitive, something that is also appreciated.

It is a free application, so we are not going to pay anything for it, something that is also extremely positive, taking into account the type of app that we have just described and with everything that it is capable of offering the user.

Thanks to these applications you will be able to have much more control over everything that has to do with gardening, both in terms of what the plants themselves are, such as the cultivation, planning, care, time and development of all activity.

It is as important to know the time as the type of plant that could come out together with the one we want to develop, going through the best techniques to carry out this work.

Tell us what you think on our social networks, these apps that we have presented to you. We want to know your opinion.

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