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Top 6 Jets coach candidates to replace fired Adam Gase

It was an eye-opening mandate for Adam Gase in New York.

While Gase earned some credit for landing one of the best offensive seasons in NFL history alongside Peyton Manning in Denver early in his career, he had a hard time replicating even a fraction of that success in flops with the Dolphins. and Jets, which resulted in their dismissal. from New York on Sunday.

Now, two head coach stops, one meme, many subsequent pages, and more than 30 double-digit losses later, Gase is now back on the unemployment line, with an abysmal, disgusting, disgusting (Record) The 2020 season in New York sparked a catalyst for the head coach change at Florham Park. While the Jets flirted with a winless season, some largely pointless wins down the stretch made the 2020 season seem a bit more palatable than it was. But ultimately, it meant nothing to the Gase jets tenure.

With the arrival of a new head coach, potentially a new quarterback, the Jets cannot afford to do this wrong again and, unlike the last time the Jets were looking for a coach, there are several interesting options for New York pursues them as Gase’s Successor. Here are some of the best and rumored:

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Eric Bieniemy

  • Current job: Offensive Coordinator, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Experience as a head coach? No

The fact that Eric Bieniemy has interviewed seven different organizations but has yet to get a concert is surprising.

Sure, there’s some skepticism considering Bieniemy isn’t the one to call plays for Kansas City’s dynamic offense, but Andy Reid’s coaching tree is proven and true, and Reid doesn’t get enough credit for that. John Harbaugh, Sean McDermott, Doug Pederson and Ron Rivera come from the Reid tree, and every head coach has had good or great levels of success in the NFL.

Why would Bieniemy be different? While Kansas City’s success is certainly something symbiotic between the quarterback, the head coach and the offensive coordinator, it is suspected that Bieniemy, just months after winning a Super Bowl with KC, has yet to receive any offers. head coach. If the Jets plan to overcome an archaic system and one of the most terrible offenses in the league, then Bieniemy would be a very smart and advanced signing.

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Arthur Smith

  • Current job: Offensive Coordinator, Tennessee Titans
  • Experience as a head coach? No

Arthur Smith has only been an OC to the Titans since the start of the 2019 season, but in that span he has done wonders with Tennessee’s offense, giving them a definitive identity and really unlocking the potential of some of their key offensive players.

Utilizing a heavy hitting outfield play action attack, Smith has brought out the best in quarterback Ryan Tannehill and running back Derrick Henry, while boasting one of the elite offenses in the league since Tannehill became its holder.

I can’t really argue with the results there. It could also say something that Smith has actually done something with Gase’s ex-scrap Tannehill.

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Brian daboll

  • Current job: Offensive Coordinator, Buffalo Bills
  • Experience as a head coach? No

Brian Daboll deserves a lot of credit for helping make Josh Allen a true MVP candidate in 2020, just one year after Allen’s shaky passing performance led people to think about his limit.

Daboll has a strong resume and has traveled extensively, having worked with Bill Belichick in New England, Nick Saban in Alabama (2017), Romeo Crennel in Kansas City (2012) and even had a season with the Jets as his QB coach in 2007 and 2008.

Of course, there are some question marks with Daboll: Much of the Bills’ success in 2020 can be attributed to an all-star corps of wide receivers, something the Jets would need to keep building on. How much success the Bills have had with the supporting cast Brandon Beane has assembled is up for debate, but the tremendous work Daboll has done to get the most out of Allen and those players is not.

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Pat fitzgerald

  • Current job: Head Coach, Northwestern University
  • Head Coach Experience: Yes, university

The Jets were rumored to be interested in Pat Fitzgerald earlier in the season, having done their “due diligence” on him, reportedly leading to Fitzgerald landing on this list.

Fitzgerald has earned a reputation for being a very smart footballer, creator of culture, and has created a consistent program with the Wildcats. Even though Northwestern has a track record of being less than good, Fitzgerald has amassed a 105-81 record at the school and has finished seasons ranked in the top 25 four times, including 2020 (No. 11).

Fitzgerald has drawn the attention of NFL franchises in the past, turning down interviews with the Panthers and Packers in recent years. While Fitzgerald has called Northwestern his “dream job,” the more NFL teams keep knocking on the door, perhaps the closer Fitzgerald gets to making the leap to the league.

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Matt campbell

  • Actual position: Head Coach, State of Iowa
  • Experience as a head coach? Yes, university

If the Jets intend to run him, Matt Campbell wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Campbell turned the Jets down for an interview the last time New York was looking for a head coach, but would he do it twice?

With a less intrusive new GM and vastly different circumstances this time around (salary cap space, premium draft picks, building blocks), Campbell would likely be entering a totally malleable and controllable situation in New York, and one better the last time. he was asked to lead the team.

Campbell has done a wonderful job of turning Iowa State into a respectable program, hence his interest in NFL teams.

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Don ‘Wink’ Martindale

  • Actual position: Defensive coordinator, Baltimore Ravens
  • Experience as a head coach? No

Wink Martindale and the Jets seem like a good match on paper for a number of reasons.

First, there is the obvious connection between Joe Douglas and Martindale Baltimore. Douglas was with Baltimore from 2000 to 2014 with the Ravens in various roles, coinciding with Martindale for two years in Baltimore.

While a Martindale signing wouldn’t be the offense Jets fans want to see, it’s hard to dismiss the job he’s done as a DC for the Ravens over the past two years: “Wink” has led the Ravens to No. 1. scoring defense in both 2019 and 2020.

Would Martindale’s plan and coaching skills translate into the head coach chair? Potentially. He’s reportedly already on the radar of NFL franchises, so an interview or phone call with former boss Douglas wouldn’t be surprising.

Plus, the last time the Jets hired a defensive coordinator from Baltimore, it worked pretty well.

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