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Top 7 Weight Loss Tips of 2020, According to Experts

This 2020 has brought us too many changes and uncertainty and without a doubt one of the aspects that has had the most impact on people’s lives is health. The truth is confinement brought a lot of movement in our Everyday habits and getting used to preparing meals at home was one of the more latent changes.

While it was a particularly difficult challenge one of the most worrying issues for most people was the weight gain. In fact it has various references of recognized specialists in which it is verified that in the wake of the pandemic, the need for eat comfort foods increased considerably, which is a consequence quite normal stress.

The truth is that this year was a clear invitation to reevaluate our lifestyle and in fact for many it was incredibly positive since awareness increased, From a healthy environment which is based primarily on balance; In other words, everything influences from diet to mental health.

Also this year put many nutrition specialists a Work more from account. That is why we took on the task of compiling some of the best tips to lose weight of this 2020, which undoubtedly were key to helping their clients overcome this unprecedented year.

1. Choose to follow a plant-based diet

Without a doubt, this 2020 came to light all kinds of diets, among the main and most popular are diets ketogenic, low carb and intermittent fasting, but there was also a strong trend toward plant-based nutrition. In fact, it is a lifestyle that more followers join every day, not only for its weight loss benefits; is a way of living that promotes awareness for the environment. There are also various scientific references that support its great properties for combat the onset of chronic diseases, as is the case with diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, digestive problems and certain types of cancer.

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2. Always have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand

Eat healthy it is not a impossible task, in fact various specialists recommend supplying the kitchen with abundant fruits and vegetables seasonal. A good tip is to place them in cute bowls In this way it will be easier to optimize your consumption. In the case of the variants that are refrigerated, try place them in jars and ready to eat, forgetting them in the vegetable drawer only makes them spoil. Are simple tips that make a difference and are of great help to have available at all times low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods when you are hungry or any craving.

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3. Drink a lot more water

As repetitive as it sounds, drink enough water is one of the most important habits in weight loss and Good health. According to information revealed by Mayo Clinic, an average adult man should drink around 15.5 cups of water a day, and the average woman should drink 11.5 cups. Also exist special cases in which it is necessary to increase consumption, for example: in pregnancy and lactation, and also when doing a lot of sports. A good advice to increase your daily water consumption is to start by have a glass just when you wake up and another before going to bed. Also a wonderful idea is to prepare a pitcher of water with some slices of citrus and mint, their aromas and delicate touch of flavor without sugar, they will do a lot easier to drink water throughout the day.

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4. Cook more at home

Forget the idea that cooking is just for professional chefs, preparing your meals at home can be a relaxing activity e incredibly therapeutic. It is a habit that is associated with a long list of benefits: You will save money, you will take care of the quality of the ingredients you use, you will improve your health, you will lose weight and without a doubt you will become more creative. Remember that the habit of eating constantly in restaurants, is associated with a considerable increase in chronic diseases and overweight. Restaurant meals tend to be higher in sodium, saturated fat, sugar and calories in general. Also give yourself the opportunity to learn new cooking techniques: baked, grilled, grilled, for example: go ahead and try new things when baking your own bread and cookies.


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5. Shop smarter

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is to supply ourselves with food more seriously and without a doubt it is a great custom, as long as you choose healthy and whole ingredients. In such a way that you do not hesitate to buy in the wholesale stores, a good bag of almonds, pistachios, walnuts, oats, yogurt and vegetable milks. A great recommendation is to have on hand frozen vegetables and fruits, will fill with nutrition and colors your meals and they will always be available. They also shine for their content in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

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6. Focus on personal wellness

He personal care has never been more important than today, although it is a somewhat complex concept and it may look different for each person. It is important that we set ourselves the task of identifying how take care and respect us, find those tools that give us peace and stability, mark a noticeable difference in physical and mental health. So listening to the body is a great measure to lose weight and gain health, some good recommendations are to practice yoga and meditation.

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7. Create a meal plan

Life changes when we learn to plan meals for the day or better yet the weekto. Now that we spend more time at home is the perfect pretext to have some extra minutes Sunday and prepare some healthy dishess for the course of the week. Fill the refrigerator with roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, cooked potatoes, quinoa, chopped vegetables, hummus, soups, and creams. This habit not only will it change your days of the week and will make them more proficient, is one of the best measures to really lose weight and take care of your health.

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