Sunday, September 19

Torrellano opposes in block to continue with the felling of trees on Libertad Street

Héctor Díez met with the residents of Torrellano, outraged after the felling of trees

Héctor Díez met with the residents of Torrellano, outraged after the felling of trees

The neighbors of Torrellano I know oppose the plan to cut down trees that the City Council is undertaking in the Liberty street to replace the copies with others that do not cause lifting of sidewalks. This is the same strategy that was followed a few months ago on Avenida Segarra where some species were replaced by orange trees. The decision was already controversial. Now the anger has been greater because the residents assure that they have not been informed that this decision would be made, and directly they found that part of one of the most iconic streets of the district was dawn without trees. Only the trunk of about thirty specimens remains cut at ground level. Faced with the situation, residents are mobilizing and are planning to gather signatures to prevent the logging plan from being fully executed.

Such has been the anger of the residents that last night they mobilized through social networks and this morning about thirty have held a meeting in the street, just a few meters from the affected area, to ask the local executive for explanations. Héctor Díez, as Councilor for Parks and Gardens. has explained that it is unfeasible that every so often they have to replace tree grills because the roots of the trees lift the sidewalk. Both the mayor and the parks and gardens technician have also justified the decision to cut down and not move because if part of the roots of the specimens were cut they would die, according to technical explanations. Similarly, the residents have asked the local executive to give a margin of time, which will be 20 days, for the Consistory to try other ways before cutting down the trees that remain pending on this street, which would be about 30 more copies. .

Neighbors were outraged to see that some trees that have been in the district for 27 years “They have been started without looking for other options,” they pointed out, since they understand that a longer maintenance of the public highway could be done so that there is no time for the sidewalks to be lifted. In the same way, the residents also criticize that action has begun on this street where, according to the residents, there are no noticeable problems in terms of the state of the sidewalks.

This meeting took place in the same week in which the mayor of Elche met with the pedáneos, offering investment and improvements. Yesterday the formation Contigo Elche criticized in a statement the felling of trees in Torrellano and demanded responsibilities. The training remembers that the councilor who launched this campaign, Antonio García, explained in 2019 that “our strategy is the new tree plan, which consists of gradually replacing and improving the trees in our municipality.” According to the municipal official, “we live in a city where historically no great effort has been made to plant the most suitable species for this climate. They tended to plant cheap, fast-growing trees that were troublesome in the long run. ‘

According to the plan prepared by the City Council, 80% of the trees that are planted in the streets of Elche are not the correct ones for the area in which we are. That is why the City Council has started a replacement plan that will be carried out in the coming weeks in some streets of Carrús, Sector V and Torrellano.

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