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Torrevieja City Council launches a new simple corporate image full of symbolism

Presentation of the new corporate image

Presentation of the new corporate image

The outline of a white torrevigía on a navy blue background is the essence of the new corporate image that the City Council has presented this Tuesday the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, the Councilor for Innovation, Ricardo Recuero and the head of the winning company, Susana Antón.

Antón explained in the presentation ceremony held in the plenary hall – the Lluvi forced the suspension of the previous event in the Plaza de la Constitución – that the new corporate identity is an iconic textual set that is made up of a graphic element and a textual element.

The graphic element encompasses the origin of the municipality with the representation of the watchtower (old-tower) that at its base forms a wave referring to the Mediterranean Sea that bathes the bay of Torrevieja, the lagoons of La Mata, and in its ascending part the mountains of salt, iconic symbol of the city of Torrevieja.

Tower It is composed in its upper part by three battlements, Y in its upper central part a “square” that represents a window open to the world. This openness refers to the multiculturalism and welcoming that characterizes Torrevieja. The textual element is none other than the denomination “Torrevieja Town Hall”.

The main colors of this new identity are blue linked to the sea and white, as a reference to salt. As a complementary color, and as an addition when communicating, there is the pink color, a clear reference to the peculiarity of the Torrevieja lagoons and La Mata, the salty lagoons. A design that could at some point evoke the seventies aesthetic of the old Torre del Moro whitewashed.

“It is an important step for the entire local administration, which modernizes its image in each and every one of its municipal areas,” according to the mayor. Eduardo Dolon (PP), which added that we are “before a new corporate visual identity that from today will be implemented and has congratulated the work carried out by the winning company, which managed to win this contract to which 15 more merchants were presented, as well as the team of the Department of Innovation and the communication department of the Torrevieja City Council , who have been working on this project for several months “.

Grupo Antón won the contract with a very significant reduction in the bidding price. The new image costs the City Council 16,000 euros, when it was valued at almost 40,000. The successful bidder has presented the new material in record time, less than a month since the contract was formalized in early May.

The mayor stressed that with this new image they have tried to “enter the heart of Torrevieja”, with all “the symbolism that this entails for our city: modern, contemporary and enterprising “. In addition, a video has been produced to publicize the new image in which the protagonists, beyond the most recognizable places and landscapes of the city, such as the salt mountains, are the residents of Torrevieja themselves.

Presentation of the new corporate image of the Torrevieja City Council Joaquin Carrion

From a communication point of view, this renovation also involves some substantial changes. For example, the first mayor has held his press conference using a lectern for the first time in this term and also for the first time the background protagonist of the press conference has not been the cadre of the head of State, Felipe VI, but a ” roller up “with the new corporate image with the motto” Torrevieja Town Hall “.

In 2019, the government team transformed the press room enabled for the media by the previous mandate into an office to house offices of the secretary area, with which all appearances have been made since then in the plenary hall – something that On the other hand, it could not have been otherwise during the health crisis because it is the only municipal agency with enough space.

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