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Torrevieja commemorates 8-M with the online film series “Mujeres de Cine”

Image of the promotional campaign for the 8-M commemoration

Image of the promotional campaign for the 8-M commemoration

The commemoration of March 8th encourages the Department of Equality of the Torrevieja City Council “to the promotion and recognition of each and every one of the women”. For this reason, the Department of Equality of the Torrevieja City Council, in collaboration with Mujeres de Cine, has scheduled an online film series. It is about of three feature films directed by women, with women as protagonists, which will be available for free during three weekends in March

The contribution of women, indicates the municipality in the information to publicize the planned events, “has been extremely important throughout our history and must occupy the place it deserves in a free and egalitarian society.” For all this, it is our duty to remember “the women who have preceded us and have paved the way for new generations, with their tenacity, their talent, but also those who have continued and continue their work, day by day, tirelessly , so that the space of equality conquered does not close “.

You also have to “see the world through the eyes of women” and, therefore, the Department of Equality proposes an online film series “Women of Cinema”, With three projections, which, throughout the month of March, on March 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 and 28, allow us to reflect on women in our time and also feel women through the eyes of our filmmakers.

This is the objective of the Torrevieja City Council, “the promotion of equality between women and men, that we all have the same opportunities, the same rights, the same social participation; that we all can make the most of our potential and contribute the best of each one of us “.


-From March 12 to 14


Shannon Murphy

-From March 19 to 21


Chus Gutierrez

-From March 26 to 28


Grace Querejeta

To view it, you must send an email to one of these two addresses: [email protected]

[email protected] indicating the movie you want to see and confirming the email where you want us to send you the link to access its viewing. The deadline for your application will be three days before the date of your screening. Capacity will be limited to 150 views per film.

In addition, a banner will be available on the website of the City Council ( to access the registration and viewing of the films.

The Department of Equality has launched an advertising campaign since last week with billboards, tarpaulins and posters in the streets of the city, under the slogan “They opened the way. We continue it “, to commemorate International Women’s Day.

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