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Torrevieja integrates in a special plan the leisure area and walks of the port

Dolón (PP) considers that, this time, there is a confluence between the autonomic administration, with powers over the port area, the local one, which has been managing “de facto” for decades the Paseo de La Libertad and surrounding areas over the public land maritime domain, and the private initiative, so that all the projects that are on the table begin to be executed during the first trimester of the year 2022. After the public presentation, the Special Plan would be approved in the governing board and after a period of allegations it would be taken to the plenary session.

Main axes of the Special Plan they are the elimination of the avenues of the Paseo de la Libertad to configure a continuous green space between the current sidewalk of the building façade – the sidewalk of the “Bahía” – and the fence that now separates the promenade from the fairgrounds and the port. About 20,000 square meters where it would be kept in a redeveloped space and almost in its current location, the amusement fair. The City Council, which has not yet put out to tender the award of the drafting of the project, has as of this week an approved budget of more than 5 million euros for it, although it needs the approval of the Generalitat and the Ministry of Ecological Transition -Costas- to act.

“The mountains have to be harmonized because there is pressure from walkers and cyclists that is being very negative”


To communicate what will constitute this extension of the urban area to the sea, the Municipal Plan and the concession requested by Riquelme contemplate the construction of a high-capacity road with a roundabout in what is now Plaza de Capdepont, which would be eliminated. It would continue to roughly follow the current layout of the separation fence between the promenade and the fair to the other end of the port on the promenade of the Dique de Levante, also pending remodeling. The investment in this road is in charge of the private concession project, and between it and the bay would be located the leisure area project of Enrique Riquelme, which occupies just under 30,000 square meters. This intervention, which the businessman values ​​at 30 million euros, foresees the construction of an underground car park that occupies almost all the space to be concessioned. On the resulting surface, a 9,000-square-meter leisure area is planned with cinemas, bowling alley and catering establishments, without shops.

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The project eliminates the buildings of the fish market and warehouses, but the sector of the purse seine fleet would be relocated very closely, around the current ice factory and the dock that now occupies the floating museum. Generalitat, City Council and businessman must guarantee to the Brotherhood your new facilities. City council and businessman They consider that the fish markets, built in 1950 and occupying 2,300 square meters in a privileged location next to the bay – of evident lucrative value for the future concessionaire – have no patrimonial value for the municipality. Although in the allegations to the Delimitation of Uses and Port Spaces (DEUP) of the Generalitat, approved in 2018, their preservation for public use was requested.

The City Council has other provisions for the less central but necessary spaces to open the urban area to the port in this ambitious reorganization that on this occasion – apart from political differences – could be presented jointly. For example, the demolition of two of the three buildings that give access to the port at the height of the Casino. The customs house, built in the 30s of the last century and an example of architecture of the Spanish port areas of that time, would remain. While the port office would be demolished and that of Maritime Captaincy.

In those “border” areas between municipal jurisdiction and that of Ports, City Hall has other forecasts. For example, the transfer of the Eras de la Sal bus interchange and the taxi rank of Paseo de La Libertad to an area located approximately opposite the current Plaza de Castelar. Still undefined is the destination, for example, of the La Marina bar, whose building does seem willing to preserve the municipality – a small house with a ground floor – a reference to the popular architecture of Torrevieja but which has a concession from Ports. It also wants to value the Mínguez or del Turbio Pier, protected in the PGOU and now distorted by a private parking lot. Nautical Club.

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Tuning to get ahead this time, according to Dolon

Mayor Eduardo Dolón (PP) believes that this time there is harmony between the City Council and the Generalitat, to which is added the initiative of the entrepreneur to carry out all the initiatives. There is a “quid pro quo” The licenses of the private concession depend on the municipality. And the authorizations for the municipal walk of the Generalitat and Costas. Other attempts failed for lack of legal instruments. It was the case of 2014 in which the Special Plan was proposed without the delimitation of port areas or the economic crisis in 2008.

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