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Torrevieja opens on Monday the deadline to request aid from Plan Resistir

Presentation of the new website "Now Torrevieja!"

Presentation of the new website “Now Torrevieja!”

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, along with the Councilor for Commerce and Hospitality, Rosario Martínez, and the mayor of Development and Employment, Domingo Paredes, has announced that today, Friday the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP) has published the bases of the call for the granting of economic aid to the self-employed and micro-enterprises, whose activity has been affected by the pandemic caused by Covid-19 within the framework of the “Plan Resistir” approved by the Generalitat Valenciana, through which it is intended to Torrevieja a total of 3,457,657 euros. For this, the City Council contributes 518,648.55 euros, which represents 15% of the total aid, 62.5% is provided by the Generalitat and 22.5% will be contributed by the Provincial Council. The purpose of the direct granting of economic aid to the productive sectors of Torrevieja is to contribute to the maintenance of the usual current expenses that these businesses have continued to bear despite the lack or decrease of income experienced, thus contributing to their economic viability. The program consists of a direct aid of 2,000 euros for each self-employed person or micro-business with a maximum of 10 workers, which will be increased by an additional 200 euros per employee affiliated with Social Security on December 31, 2020.

The deadline for submitting applications will be 15 business days from the day following its publication in the BOP, so it will begin next Monday, February 22, and end on March 12. All the information on these Resistir Plan grants can be found on the municipal website (, on the Local Development Agency website ( and on the recently created , which has information on all available aids.

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New website “Now Torrevieja!”

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, today presented the new municipal website Now Torrevieja! that has been enabled to offer all the information necessary to access the available aid, both from the Torrevieja City Council and the Generalitat Valenciana, where users will be able to find, in addition to the information and the bases of the aid, the documents to be submitted by part of the interested parties.

Among the aids that can be accessed through this website are those for Food Lots, Suspension of fees to terraces (tables and chairs), Direct aid to the receipt of Water, Bonoconsumo (which will be activated soon), as well as the already mentioned Resist Plan.

Likewise, on the website there is an explanatory video of how all the documents to be provided to access the grants must be filled in and what is the form of presentation (all documents will be mandatory to present them through the Electronic Office with digital signature) .

Users also have available a phone number (96 507 43 10) with a schedule from 09:00 to 13:00, and an email [email protected]

Finally, the mayor has reported that an information and citizen service office has been set up to attend to all the citizens’ doubts and inform about existing aid. The office, which will be attended by three professionals, is located in the La Plasa building, on the corner of Calle Joaquín Chapaprieta.

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