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Torrevieja owes 650,000 euros to the vehicle towing company

The variable amount of the crane certifications depends on the number of tows and fines

The variable amount of the crane certifications depends on the number of tows and fines

Torrevieja City Council owes 650,000 euros to the company awarded the vehicle collection, as confirmed by sources from the government team to INFORMATION. The delay in payment has caused a limit situation in the company, without liquidity to pay the payroll of the staff for the month of October, when you already owe the extra summer pay, in addition to not being able to meet fuel costs, social security or the rental of the vehicle depot. The most striking thing about this situation is that the debt is not related to a lack of liquidity of the City Council, which has 80 million euros deposited in the banks. It is more of a bureaucratic problem dragged on for years when it comes to conforming the invoices and the concepts that are verified.

The Councilor for Traffic and Safety, Federico Alarcon indicated that the payment of several of the invoices that could solve the problem of non-payments is imminent. The workers wanted to comment on the defaults and have indicated that they believe the problem “is in the process of being resolved soon.

Sueña Torrevieja echoed this situation in its most economic aspect and explained that “if the overall average delinquency of the Torrevieja City Council” is from a scary movie, the delinquency data supported by the company that provides vehicle withdrawal services with the cranes, without a contract since March 5, 2020 are overwhelming.

The summary of the first half of this year is that the company has collected a total of 141 invoices for a total amount of 1,447,869 euros, with an average payment period of 269 days. Ie the company you are now charging for work done nine months ago.

Collateral damage

The spokesperson for Sueña Torrevieja, Pablo Samper, assured that “the disastrous management of the Torrevieja City Council in the approval and payment process of the invoices is causing levels of delinquency that we had never known in the Torrevieja City Council, causing collateral damage to companies that provide essential services and that can put in difficulties the normal functioning of the same ».

Samper recalls that he recalled that the mayor Eduardo Dolon “He made an electoral commitment to citizens and companies to reduce the City’s delinquency levels as much as possible, and not only has he failed to comply, but the figures have worsened.” Dream Torrevieja demands “immediate explanations in the face of such nonsense that again manifests its inability in the management of government.”

Another essential service “blocked” by the municipal idea of ​​creating joint ventures

The municipal default coincides with a very complicated business situation for the firm that provides the service. In March the contract in force with the City Council concluded without the option of an extension. Therefore, all the services provided since then must be paid through the special procedure of omission of inspection of the Intervention area – with which millionaire amounts of garbage collection and urban transport are also paid. The group to which the contract belonged filed a bankruptcy in 2015 for the service it provided in Valencia and was liquidated. Only the current one maintains the activity of the main company. To finish complicating the scenario, the Torrevieja City Council has decided to paralyze the procedure for awarding the new contract at the time it was advanced to address the possibility of creating a joint venture.

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