Tuesday, August 3

Torrevieja prepares the shipment of 3,500 tons of salt to face the collapse by Filomena

An image of the Torrevieja salt mine.

An image of the Torrevieja salt mine.

Unprecedented mobilization in Torrevieja to face the historic snowfall of Madrid. The salinera will begin at 7:00 a.m. on Monday to load the trucks that the City Council of the capital is already sending to combat the ice and the snow what has collapsed central Spain. Near 3,500 tons of salt and a hundred trucks that will leave between tomorrow and the day after to help Madrid regain normalcy as soon as possible.

The mayor of Torrevieja and provincial deputy, Eduardo Dolon, reported tonight of the device that is being activated, after during this day the president of the Diputación, Carlos Mazon, have spoken with the first mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and has made the Torrevieja salt flats available to you. An offer of help that the mayor of Madrid has accepted today, and that Dolón explains is unprecedented in the history of Torrevieja due to its size: 3.5 million kilos of salt to serve in just 24 hours.

Initially it was planned to be his own Deputation the one that will send its own trucks before the capital’s roadblock, to reach 20 kilometers from Madrid and there make this historic delivery. But finally the Madrid City Council has achieved unblock some avenues towards the Spanish Levante, and is going to send between 80 and 90 “bathtubs”, trucks with tipper to load in the salinas in cargo with excavators. Some vehicles with a capacity of about 30-35 tons, to which must be added another 8 or 10 that have been obtained by the salinera itself, the company Nueva Compañía Arrendataria de las Salinas (NCAST), and which will also travel to Madrid, sy which will also travel to Madrid, according to Dolón.

Some of the Madrid Corporation trucks have already left for the province this afternoon, and the rest are expected to arrive tomorrow and early Tuesday, so that all the cargo has left Tuesday for the capital. Charging will begin on Monday at 7:00 a.m., so that the vehicles will start to leave for central Spain on Monday morning.

Special device

The salinera had already scheduled the departure of 50 trailers -with greater capacity and with the salt in bags- for other parts of Spain, after the demand for the storm Filomena has skyrocketed in recent days. For this reason, the Torrevieja City Council had already prepared a special device to prevent traffic jams in the area by the truck agglomeration, since this week there have already been problems of retentions in the area of ​​the ring road of the N-332 for this reason. And with the anticipation of these convoys from Madrid, the device deployed by Local Police, Civil Guard and Civil Protection. In addition, the Diputación is coordinating the entire device to deal with this mobilization of salt to get the capital out of collapse. It should also be remembered that these vehicles for the round trip need special permissions due to perimeter confinements due to covid-19, and also due to the complicated situation of the roads in Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha.

Therefore, two special parking so that the trucks park there until they can load the salt, which will be located in the Acequión and the Aquatic Park areas, to avoid traffic problems. Everything for Torrevieja to come to the rescue of the capital of Spain.


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