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Torrevieja triples the usual shipment of salt for deicing with 2,000 tons per day



The main supplier of salt for road deicing in Spain, the salt company of Torrevieja, he has triplicate in the last days the usual shipment for snowfall due to the virulence of the temporary Filomena, with 20,000 tonsdaily.

In order to ensure this unusual supply in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula due to historical rainfall, especially in Madrid, the company started a second work shift and could implement a third if necessary, as explained yesterday by the director from the Torrevieja plant of the international group Salins, Jose Perez.

“For a normal snowfall in Spain, about 20,000 tons are usually consumed and now between 30,000 and 35,000 will be sent, although there will be no supply problem because we have 150,000 in reserve at the moment,” said the manager. This activity was noticed at the weekend with the stamp of the queues of a dozen trucks at certain times of the day to load in these extraction facilities located next to the Natural Park of the Salinas de Torrevieja in the Laguna de La Mata, as reported by the mayor, Eduardo Dolon.

«This storm does not affect them, but they have had problems in the last two years, first with the DANA and then, above all, with the storm Gloria, because when it rains a lot it affects the salinity of the water and forced them to stop production, “he recalled.

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Although the weather conditions this extractive activity of sea salt, in this episode of heavy rainfall it has not been interrupted at any time because in Torrevieja it was felt especially with strong winds, not with rains nor – something completely unusual that only It has happened on a few occasions – snow.

Pérez specified that they currently have their entire staff, made up of 82 workers, after resorting to a FOR HIM for a couple of months in the fall, a hiatus that ended in November with the reinstatement of 29 employees. To attend to orders during these days, that double shift has only rested one day a week, on Sunday, but if demand continues to be triggered by the ravages caused by the storm Filomena, in Torrevieja they can increase production.

In fact, in a normal year they market 600,000 tons, although the facilities have the capacity to raise that figure to 800,000. “We are among the two or three largest European producers and the ten in the world, with plants in several countries, so there would be no problem in diverting customers to other suppliers in our group,” he guaranteed.

Infrastructures cannot cause problems either, since apart from trucks, it can be transported by sea with loads of 30,000 tons in boats of salt. Through this channel they can allocate 80% of its annual volume at exportmainly to Nordic countries in Europe and also to U.S. About a demand similar to the current one in Spain, Pérez recalled yesterday a specific moment in the winter of three years ago.

In addition to Salins, which is headquartered in France and acquired a few years ago by the New Leasing Company of Salinas de Torrevieja (NCAST), the Ministry of Development and the autonomous communities have another supplier in the Zaragoza municipality of Remolinos, where the company is located Ibérica de Sales, which also operates a mine with a capacity of thousands of tons per day.

Since 1803

In the case of Torrevieja, as an industrial activity it started in 1803, initially with an artisanal system and now as «the only one that uses floating stockings for the extraction of salt, which makes it possible to guarantee the water surface throughout the year both in the La Mata lagoon and in the Torrevieja lagoon ”, as highlighted by the company.

Previously, the sea salt of this unique place has been used since the Roman age (1st century BC), although there is no written record until the 13th century.

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